this much | august

 [31 months] Jarvis | [6 months] Joelle & Jonah

Can’t believe it’s the beginning of another month! Hello August!

This time around, I will be doing monthly updates on them separately, but I will be sharing the photos of me and the kiddos now!

This boy definitely has my eye color!

sigh, focus off a bit, but her eyes are so blue!!

Jonah’s eyes seem to be greyish!

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this much [5 months] | Joelle and Jonah

this month, the twins just get instagram photos 🙂


My sweet Jonah bear! He is now wearing all 6 month clothes and some 9 month ones! He rolled for the first time 2 weeks ago. He still loves to talk and his favorite chew toy is his own fingers. Verbally he is more advanced than his sister, although she is more advanced physically.

It’s a LONG story, and not worth going into the details, but after some recommendations and research, we decided to take Jonah to a chiropractor. Pediatric chiropractics are a hot topic right now, and to each their own, but we decided it was worth it for us. After just one adjustment, Jonah was able to hold his head higher than before and he rolled!! These were both a big deal for Jonah bear. 

His disposition has gotten even better since the 3 adjustments and he is such a smiley baby. He seems much more comfortable in general. Sleep-wise it hasn’t helped that much, but we also have been traveling. We shall see if it helps him find a more comfortable position to sleep in. 

He has fairly good hand control and can bring toys to and from his mouth. He is still VERY ticklish and has the sweetest giggle. His favorite thing to do is watch his brother, he will lay there for an hour straight and watch Jarvis, it’s adorable!


Oh my goodness, this girl. She is such a little charmer! Joelle has the biggest smile and she loves being around other people. Although she decided on our trip to fuss anytime she saw someone new, I think she got a bit overwhelmed. 

She can hold her head up so well and loves the bumbo or exersaucer. She rolls like crazy from front to back, and can nearly roll back to front. She can now grab ahold of her feet and is trying her hardest to get them to her mouth. She has excellent hand/arm control and is always reaching out for something. She can hold her own bottle some of the time and it won’t be long now before she will want to all of the time. She does NOT like you to take her food away!

She has started talking alot more, mostly when she is angry! She has a very loud fuss/screech when she can’t get whatever toy she wants in her mouth. When she talks, she always sticks out the end of her tongue, it’s hilarious! 

She is now in 6 month pajamas, but they are still too long in the arms and legs, she’s just so little! Her eyes are still a very light blue, but I’m not sure they will stay… She still adores sleeping and gets super angry if she doesn’t get her ‘beauty’ sleep!

and just a few more pictures for your enjoyment!

this is what Joelle does with her tongue when she’s talking! silly girl…

this much [30 months] | Jarvis

I know I say this every month, but I just can not believe how blessed we are. This boy, my oldest son, has such a sweet and loving nature. I am constantly blown away by him. 

It seems like every month his verbal and cognitive skills nearly double! He speaks in complete sentences and is learning to use correct grammar. He understands nearly anything we say, and as a result, we have taken to spelling quite a few words! He can now follow a conversation and pick up on tones and feelings. And he will repeat just about anything you say to anyone! 

He fell in love with swimming while we were in Texas and spent nearly every day in the pool. He can kick his legs and blow bubbles, but holding his breath is still questionable sometimes! He just needs to get his arms working and I think he would be swimming on his own! Floating was still a foreign concept though! He did work up his courage to jump off the top step into someone’s arms, but not the side of the pool yet. He learned to ‘crawl’ around the edge of the pool by holding onto the side and walking his feet on the side. However that resulted in some sore fingers and toes!

He had such a wonderful time in Texas visiting family, but I do have to say that the grandpas/uncles were his favorites. He really enjoys all of them. He has so many grandpas and uncles that he insisted on knowing their names so he could call them 
Grandpa ___. 

He has wonderful manners and it is so nice to see our hard, consistent work paying off. He will now say ‘no, thank you’ at least 80% of the time instead of just screaming no. This has made my days so much more enjoyable!! He is so sweet with his brother and sister and always shares toys with them and comforts them. He always says, ‘it’s ok, it’s alright’ if one of them is crying. It made me so happy to see him behaving and showing his real, sweet self in Texas. It makes my heart swell with love to hear people tell me he is a joy to be around.

home[pre]school update: He can count up to 13, and knows many numbers above that, although not in order. He know nearly all his letters and most letter sounds. He has several sight words and we have been working on rhyming. He is starting to recognize colors, and I think he knows most of them, but I’m not sure he understands the concept of shades. I have an activity planned to focus on that this next week. We almost have our first bible verse memorized and hope to move onto another next week!

this much [4 months] | Joelle and Jonah

almost 4 months old!!
my babies are growing like weeds!
They are such little sweethearts! They both have started sleeping 11-12 hours at night, but they like to rotate nights, so far we haven’t had a night where they both have slept the whole night! They will get there though! They typically go to bed around 6pm, one of the them wakes to eat around 2/3, and then they get up for the day around 6am. I really have no complaints, they are doing awesome. We usually have to go in once of twice for each and soothe/give them a pacifier, but if they fall back asleep quickly then I know they aren’t hungry. If they are hungry, they let you know 🙂
They had a checkup last week and they are little chunks! They are both growing very well.
Weight: 12lbs 4oz, 26th percentile
Height: 22inches, 0th percentile
Height vs Weight: 93rd percentile
Weight: 13lbs 7oz, 27th percentile
Height: 23.75inches, 17th percentile
Height vs Weight: 59th percentile
Jonah has better head control than Joelle now, but they both are enjoying tummy time and time in the bumbo seats. They are now on a combo 3.5/4 hour eating schedule and take 3 naps, anywhere from 2.5-1.5 hours in length. Neither one has rolled over yet, but they are both pushing off with their feet, can’t wait until they do! They both love grabbing things with their hands and pulling stuff to their mouths. They giggle and talk a bunch. Joelle is such a smiley baby, she adores any attention and would love if someone just held and smiled at her all day long. Jonah is very curious and loves talking to his toys. 
Just a few more pictures to enjoy!

this much [28 months] | Jarvis

This boy, oh my. He is one little bundle of energy!!

This picture isn’t perfect, it was a bit underexposed and blurry, but it sums up Jarvis right now. He is two extremes. A screaming, tantrum-throwing toddler, and a sweet snuggly little one claiming, ‘I want my mommy!’ 

I asked him for a hug, and he gave me one, but it was complete with a nose bite!

Although 2 is alot of work, I am loving his age right now!!