TWENTYONE | p52 | 2012

remember when…

was your favorite word. but,

‘i want to ‘nuggie you’
was your favorite phrase.

i think this is my favorite age so far.

yes, this is late. no excuse execept for lack of inspiration. and possibly that this mama is sick. again. weakest immune system ever. sigh. catching up today though!

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TWENTY | p52 | 2012

remember when…

It felt like I would never sleep again.
Like I could curl up in a bed and sleep for a week solid.

But I just keep reminding myself,
they will sleep through the night, in time.

It won’t be long before they will be teenagers,
who I have to pull out of bed at noon.

and before I know it,
they will be out of the house
and it will be silent all night long.

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NINETEEN | p52 | 2012

remember when…

they said, ‘baby a is a girl!’
I don’t think either of us honestly believed it until you were born.

a girl.

I was not ready for that. 

bows, headbands, dresses, clips, tutus, and all things pink. 
and oh my, those blue eyes.
long lashes, chubby cheeks.

there’s just something about that smile.
my daughter.

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EIGHTEEN | p52 | 2012

remember when….

saturdays were low-key.
pajamas all day, fort building, pancakes,
puzzles, playdough, and books.
precious family time.

before too long, we will spend the weekends running.
to and from sports games and dance recitals.
birthday parties and sleepovers.

for now, i am treasuring our calm family weekends.
and trying to freeze time.
don’t grow too quickly babies.

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SEVENTEEN | p52 | 2012

remember when…

there were no little fingernails to clip.
no fuzzy heads to shampoo.
no bottles to make.
no diapers to wash.
no dirty bums to wipe.
no matchbox cars to step on.
no wake times to pay attention to.
no video monitors screeching in the middle of the night.
no baby gurgles or toddler screams.

three kids is A LOT of work. I honestly only really sit down when I am feeding one of them or during the ONE HOUR of overlapping nap time.

but there were so many days when I never thought I would get to do this. 

so now, every time I see those three towels hanging in the bathroom, I can not help but be thankful for the crazy, busy, beautiful life I live. 

This whole ‘raising little human beings’ thing is hard, but so very worth it!

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