Jocelyn | ONE

Oh sweet Jocelyn, I can’t hardly believe it. You are one years old now. The last year has been such a blur, so many transitions. It’s hard to remember that sweet newborn who slept in a carrier while I packed the house. jocelyn turns 1-1

You have been such a joy to get to know. First off, we think you are pretty much like your big sister Jeanie, but with a little bit of the buddies (Jarvis and Joelle) thrown in. It is definite that you a version of a bear, as you quite clearly have the personality, intelligence, curiosity, and willfullness that we see in full evidence in Jonah and Jean. Since we lovingly call Jean the Gremlin (she’s like a little Tazmanian Devil!), daddy calls you Turbo Gremlin. You are fantastic at spoting things to get into and learning new skills. Just like your Jean, you love to mimic, and you have lots of people to mimic!

jocelyn turns 1-2

jocelyn turns 1-3

As far as eating goes, you still have 6 teeth and love to eat solid foods. We bumped you up to the big booster at the table, as you kept standing in the high chair despite being buckled. You now get your own plate of food and utensil, just like the bigs, and you adore being at the table with them. You will eat just about anything, but in particular you love bananas, blueberries, black beans, zucchini, and really just about anything. You still aren’t getting any dairy, as it makes you spit up when you do. We have offered almond milk though. You are also still nursing, like a lot. Ha! You love nursing. For now, we will continue and probably let you wean when you are ready. You weigh right about 20lbs and I have no clue how tall you are, but you are a teeny thing compared to most kids your age. You have lots and lots of yummy rolls and a fabulous belly. Your eyes are the same fun hazel/grey that the other two girls are as well. Your family “color” is orange/yellow. jocelyn turns 1-4

jocelyn turns 1-5

Although mama is your favorite person (I have the milk, ha), Daddy is a very close second, with all the kids close behind. You absolutely love daddy and love sleeping on him at night when you are having a restless night. He happily carries you all around during the day and you love his snuggles and kisses. You love all your siblings too, and have started really interacting with them lately. You want to play with their toys, knock down their towers, pat them on the back, snuggle on them. They are loving having you as a little playmate, but do often “block” you out from where they are playing because you are still a little destroyer.
jocelyn turns 1-6

We have a special bond, sweet girl. You are so intrinsically attached to me. All the others have been as well, of course, babies are to their mothers, but you have been so attached the longest. I can’t stray far or for long and you follow me most of the day. You currently throw terrific tantrums when I go upstairs or downstairs and leave you on the other side of the gate. You throw those same tantrums when your siblings get to go outside and you can’t join. You love being with people and in the middle of everything. jocelyn turns 1-7jocelyn turns 1-8jocelyn turns 1-9

Some of your favorite things right now are:
– nursing
– eating any and all food
– digging in plants and dirt
– splashing in the big bathtub with your sisters (any water at all you love!)
– clapping
– the cat (who strangely likes you more than anyone else in the family)
– stealing dog food and playing in his water bowl
– sneaking in the bathroom to dump the toilet paper in the bowl
– playing with pens (you are so stubborn about this that we actually removed the ink from a pen and it’s now yours exclusively)
– brushing your own hair
– watching yourself in the mirror
– chewing on phones
– anything small you can stick in your mouth
– opening mama’s desk drawers and sitting in them
– feeding the puppy from your booster
– any and all music, you sing along and bounce around
– snuggles of all kinds from anyone in your immediate family
– laying on pillows, blankets, and just the floor

jocelyn turns 1-10jocelyn turns 1-11jocelyn turns 1-12

As I mentioned above, we call you Turbo Gremlin, but that isn’t your only nickname, daddy has quite a few others. The one that gets used the most is probably Pie Bear (to fit in with troublebear and sisterbear). We also call you Honey Bear, Jocelynnie, Lynnie-pie, and Lenard (your daddy is so funny!).jocelyn turns 1-13jocelyn turns 1-14jocelyn turns 1-15

Here are some new skills you learned in the past couple months:
-speed crawling
– playing peek a boo
– bear crawling
– waving and saying “hiiii” and “biiiii”
– cruising and then walking (right at 12 months and 1 week, just like Jonah!)
– climbing up stairs (and sometimes down, although that’s still dicey)
– climbing a ladder step
– clapping
– standing on your own
– drinking from a straw
– drinking from a sippee cup
– napping in your crib
– sleeping (some) in your cribjocelyn turns 1-16jocelyn turns 1-17jocelyn turns 1-18jocelyn turns 1-19

Oh my sweet Pie, my littlest. I just can’t express how much you have grown me and redeemed me over the past year. Your birth gave me the chance to heal the poor experiences of the past and being able to breastfeed you has been so challenging and yet so rewarding. Your daddy and I jokingly argue whether you are a baby or a toddler, but I know that every day you creep closer to toddler, little kid, big kid, tween, etc…  We have truly treasured every difficult and beautiful moment with you over the past year. You have such a caring heart and have captured all of our hearts. We love you Pie Bear.jocelyn turns 1-20

jocelyn | seven & half months

Oh my, this littlest of ours is OVERDUE for an update! I think the last time I posted for Joz, she was just shy of 5 months and “planking” and trying to crawl.


Well, at 6 months Jocelyn could roll and backwards squirm around where ever she wanted to go. Then at 6.5 months she was getting into a sitting position and sitting unassisted and then full on crawling just a few days later. And by seven months, she is pulling to standing on EVERYTHING and cruising along the bottom stair. Physically, this girl is on a roll!

Jocelyn weighs in right about 17lbs right now but is still barely on the growth chart for height. Her head however is in the 99th percentile, girl has a NOGGIN. She is still exclusively breast-fed, which I have to admit AMAZES me. I still can’t quite believe that she is growing just by nursing, it’s so strange after all the others. She’s wearing 9 month clothing right now.

She started some light solids food since 6 months, and currently her favorites are peas, sweet potatoes, applesauce, prunes, and butternut squash. She appears to have a reaction to bananas, so we are steering clear of those (and avocado and kiwi, which are said to have similar results). She’s had hard boiled egg yolks mixed with breastmilk and other foods as well.

Jocelyn is a mama’s girl for sure. She’s not the best sleeper, but she has gotten better about napping in her crib instead of always in a carrier on me. She still nurses frequently, just as much for comfort as nutrition. She does love her daddy too, and all the kiddos (but especially Jarvis).

She loves to be entertained and likes to bang things around. She’s very curious and VERY stubborn and will cry angrily if you take something she shouldn’t have. She says dada and recently started saying mama. She is really a VERY happy baby, and people always comment on her friendly demeanor. She loves other people.

Her favorites are chewing on everything, sleeping in car (yes, the car screaming has finally stopped!), being held, chewing paper, and watching her siblings.

Here are a few phone pictures from the last month!

Jocelyn | 1 month

Oh, so, so late!

Jocelyn is one month old!!

joz six weeks-7

Last time I shared on our sweet littlest, she was 2 weeks. Time has flown and she is almost seven weeks now! First off a little weight recap:

3 weeks: 8lbs even

4 weeks: 8lbs 12 ozs

5 weeks: 9 lbs 10.5 ozs

almost 7 weeks: 12lbs even

Girl is growing SO well!! She is still exclusively breastfed, which is awesome, we’ve never had one gain like this with out formula supplementation. In fact, she is bigger already than they all were at 2 months- and she’s got two weeks to til that! Just for fun at 2 months,
Jarvis: 11lbs 2ozs
Joelle: 9lbs 10ozs
Jonah: 10lbs 5 ozs
Jean: 11lbs

So we are really happy that she is gaining well. And breastfeeding isn’t painful any longer, which is wonderful. I’m hoping we can make it work for quite a while! It’s nice to not be washing bottles and mixing formula and all that jazz. Plus it’s nice to have her getting the best stuff. I’m still off dairy for now because we are pretty sure she’s going to have a milk protein allergy like Jonah and Jean.

joz six weeks-6

Which speaking of, there are lots of things about her that are bear-like! First off Jonah and Jean, she has an outie belly button, the other two have innie. She also has a double cowlick like the two “bears” but hopefully not the lung issues (or the messiness, haha!)

She is eating about every 2-3 hours at day, and will occasionally go 4-5 hours at night. She pretty much only sleeps when she is in contact with someone else. Which is pretty characteristic of this age. She naps almost exclusively in a carrier, on mommy when daddy isn’t home and then on daddy when he is home! She sleeps pretty well in there all the time- despite the volume level in the house! Although it can be hard to get things done with her attached all the time!

joz six weeks-8

Jocelyn is a very happy little baby! She loves smiling at people and loves watching her bigger siblings, although still gets pretty overwhelmed with too much touching and loving from her siblings. She does enjoy sitting in the swing for 10 minutes or so at a time and just watching people.

We started off using prefolds and covers with Jocelyn right after she was born and I am surprised at how much we have loved them! They are the old style diapers that you fold and pin, then put a water proof cover over. We love them so much that we have moved the bigger two into prefolds and covers! 
joz six weeks-11

joz six weeks-10Jocelyn is already wearing 3 month clothes, and has a full head of dark hair. Her eyes are still the grey/blue that both the other girls had/have. Jocelyn hates the car and screams almost non-stop any time she is in it- which makes going any place somewhat difficult.

I have no doubt that her personality will be big enough to hold her own among her crazy wonderful siblings. 
joz six weeks-9

206 / 365

Jocelyn is two weeks old! I can’t believe it, the time is flying by.

She is doing very well! At four days old she was treated for a posterior tongue tie and an upper lip tie, which has made a very big difference in nursing. She’s eating much better now, although we are doing twice weekly Cranio Sacral Therapy appointments to help her loosen her jaw and regulate her sucking. She is gaining weight though, which has NEVER happened before, so we are thrilled. Her last weigh in was just 2 oz shy of birth weight, 7lbs 8oz. I imagine by now she’s passed birth weight, which is the goal for two weeks!
joz 2 weeks-1
Like all newborns, she is eating frequently, usually about every 2 hours, although she does have a few three hour stretches. She loves to be held, particularly in the K’tan carrier by daddy, and she usually naps there. She’s still having trouble settling at night, like you would expect of a newborn, but she is starting to get into more of a “long nighttime sleeping” rhythm and settles back to sleep after nursing much better than the first week.  joz 2 weeks-2 She’s having little periods of content awake time now, although still not too often. Her siblings absolutely adore her and run to greet her any time they see her! She;s about to lose her umbilical cord stump. Can’t wait to see if she’s an innie or an outie (the bears are both outies, the buddies are both innies….) joz 2 weeks-3 Mama is healing, although we have had a few unexpected complications from the csection, but hopefully antibiotics will clear up the suspected uterine infection by the follow-up appointment next week. Overall, things are just about what you would expect with FIVE kids FIVE and under! Crazy, busy, some acting out, not a lot of sleep, and a whole lot of love!joz 2 weeks-6