the twin bump | one year ago

the human body still never ceases to amaze me… on this birthday week for my twinkies, I thought it would be fun to look back and how we looked right before delivery! I am still so thankful for my relatively easy and complication-free pregnancy and delivery. And I am infinitely thankful that we left the hospital a mere 48 hours after the c-section, ALL TOGETHER. I am aware of how rarely this happens with twins and I’m so grateful for their health!

Here we are about 3 days before delivery! Taken by Stacy VanDyck.


And here we are on the way to the hospital for the c-section!

38.5- delivery day-1

I still vividly remember how uncomfortable I was that day and how grateful I was that it was their birth-day! Can’t believe it’s been almost a year since we met those sweet babies for the first time!

And of course you can see the collage of all the bump pictures here.

38 weeks | The Fishies

Well… I honestly never thought I would make it this far… I thought for sure they would be born by now. However, I am barely effaced or dilated, my blood pressure is slightly high but under control, and everything is still going well. So we are holding off until Monday!

Honestly, my doctor is quite lucky with how routine this twin pregnancy has been- he’s gotten off very easy! I think he’s excited to finally be delivering them on Monday, his sweet nurses are fighting over who gets to be in there with me (and the 20 other people that twins require, lol!)

Here’s a fun fact, last week, we measured the circumference of my belly (around my back and then the widest part of my belly.) It was 47 inches. This week, it was 48.25 inches. Oh yeah, growing rapidly up in here. It’s hard to tell in the pictures just exactly how much change there is, but know I am over an inch wider in just a week… In the past 2 weeks I have noticed that they feel much ‘heavier’ in general. Can’t wait to see what they weigh!

I am definitely downright uncomfortable all the time now. Insanely so. I can’t decide if recovering from a c-section will be more or less painful than twins at 38 weeks. I’m thinking the c-section will be less painful…. haha! ouch!

I am so thankful that we have been able to carry them this long and that they have an excellent chance of having no issues and coming straight home with us! I can not wait to see their faces and finally hold them.

And here’s the belly- 38 weeks! I am planning on taking one more the morning of the c-section and then updating the composite!


37 weeks | The Fishies

Yes. I’m still pregnant. 

Um seriously- We hit 37 weeks tomorrow. HOW???? These babies are gigantic, but apparently content to stay in. With my track record with Jarvis (42 weeks and 30 hours of pitocin) I’ve decided I’m meant to carry multiples, my babies never want to come out!

Right now, I’m guestimating (yes, that’s a word) that she will be at least 6 lbs and he will be at least 7 lbs. We’ll see when they get here, but that’s my guess! (add that up- 13 lbs of baby, not including TWO placentas and an insane amount of fluid- no wonder I can barely walk or stand anymore. yeouch)

And here’s the 37 week shot. Yes, I’m in pajamas, and I no longer care- I’m 9.5 months pregnant with twins, I figure it doesn’t matter anymore- haha!

When I am sitting down, my belly is basically flat on the top and I can use it as a table. Cliche? Yes… however very true! Some of you had remarked last week that it looked like they dropped some. Nope. Baby A is shoulder first and not engaged. And Baby B is breech.

And at last- we have a DATE!!

Typically, scheduled c-sections are done about a week early (39 weeks), however with twins, my doctor is comfortable doing it at 38 weeks. This would be February 3rd/4th, so we have scheduled the c-section for….

February 6th!

The reasons for having a  scheduled c-section are complicated, and although it’s not my frist choice, basically it comes down to the fact that their positioning and sizes indicate I have a high chance of having baby A naturally and then having to have a c-section to get the bigger, breech baby B out. Which is not ideal. So instead, we will be having a c-section at 1:00 pm on February 6th. Once again, assuming I do not go into active labor before then. (Which I do not think I will!)

So the babies and Jarvis should share a birth-date. Makes it easy to remember if all the birthdays are on the 6th of the month! ha!

Had a dream my water broke last night, and then chaos ensued because my hospital bag was not packed. So guess what I am doing tonight?? Time to actually pack it up- getting close!

36 weeks | The Fishies

Tomorrow I hit 36 weeks! Most people consider this full term, even for singleton babies! 

They should be very well developed with maybe a little more lung development to go. I’m guessing that Baby B is nearly 6lbs and Baby A should be above 5lbs now! Um yes, ouch.

I’m honestly shocked at how much they are still moving around considering they have no space! They are still rolling, and in the past two weeks Baby B has flipped from transverse to breech, and back! I took a video of them moving around, you can watch it here.

I have an appointment on Tuesday and we will be setting the scheduled c-section date then, but I’m expecting it to be sometime between Feb 1st-6th. We may have one more ultrasound to check positions and weights. I’m hoping if we make it to a scheduled c-section at 37/38 weeks that they will not have to stay at the hospital very long, if at all! We’ll have to see!

My mom flies in tomorrow to help out for the next week and a half until the babies are here. Jace is still working full time, so it will be such a relief to have some help! She’s been working hard to get everything wrapped up with her business so she can stay for nearly a month- such a blessing! And then my dad will be here for two weeks, and then Jace’s dad and step-mom for a week. So we’ve got at least 5 weeks of help, yipee!

Not much else to share- but here’s my 36 week picture!