insta-friday | the sickies

hello sick babies. good thing you two are still adorable and sweet!

hello big boy/girl baths. Joelle is such a cutie and Jonah looks like such an old man! I love it!

hello onion harvest, looking pretty good!

this girl has so much chubs!

hello concert at the scandinavian park.

hello asleep before we hit the highway.

hello learning to sit up and share. (the sitting went much better than the sharing, as you can see from big brother’s face.)

hello crazy trampoline hair.

hello Loki pointing at the cat, Juliette.

hello puppies, who said you could sit on the couch?

hello kitty war wounds on Loki’s nose.

hello sleepy pups.

hello ‘yungle’ building big boy.

hello summer, love your harvest.

hello two dogs and a boy all crammed on one chair.

hello patient boy waiting for medical clearance for moving.

life rearranged

growing again…

our family is growing again.

we’ve been talking about it for a while.

considering the ramifications of adding on. how all the creatures in our house would handle it.

how it would impact the move and settling into a new house.

and we decided it would be good for all of us in the long run.



(scared you, didn’t i?? no, we are not expecting again… haha!)

he is a german short haired pointer, and gorgeous. he belonged to a friend of ours, and they can just not give him the space or time he needs! with 5 acres, he and Luc can keep each other company.

it’s hard to tell in pictures, but he is HUGE. much, much bigger than Luc, but quite the sweetheart and very well trained. his shoulders hit about at the top of Luc’s head.

the puppies get along very well and i hope they will keep each other entertained. Loki and Juliette are still not sure what to think of one another. and of course, Jarvis adores all puppies and he loves Loki too! the babies could really care less, although they do love having another creature to watch.

so that brings our count up to 2 adults, 3 kids, 2 dogs, and 1 cat.

goodness gracious, moving is going to be fun, lol.