Introducing…. Baby Joz | 190 / 365

Our family is thrilled to introduce our newest member!

Jocelyn Wanza McCown was born at 1:32pm on July 9th!


She weighed in at a whopping 7lbs 10 ozs (heaviest of all our babies!), which looks heavy on her little 18.5 inch body!  She has a full head or dark, long hair, and dark, deep gray eyes. I imagine her eyes will be as dark as Jarvis’!

She was born at 40 weeks in a scheduled c-section, although when we went to the hospital that morning, my contractions (which had been regular but not intense for a couple of weeks) began to pick up intensity, it appears she was ready to join us!

jocelyn-14 jocelyn-15

I’ve had very poor c-section experiences before- although feeling the second half of Jean’s was by far the worst- and so I was very nervous heading into this birth. We switched hospitals and focused on a family centered birth.  The entire experience from check-in, pre-op, surgery, and recovery were wonderful. Jace stayed with me the entire time, the pace and care of the doctors and nurses were wonderful, and they did everything they could to make the surgery less surgery-like and more birth-like. Including keeping the baby with me in the OR and in recovery, which has never happened before and was wonderful for me. On top of that, the spinal was gentle, and WORKED, and I had no shortness of breath, blood pressure drops, or vomiting. It was wonderful, haha! And my recovery has been much, much better, I left the hospital at two days and was just on alternating acetaminophen/ibuprofen. Which is much better than the last two csections!


Her siblings are very, very thrilled! We can’t wait to have her adjust into our family!jocelyn-27 jocelyn-31 jocelyn-33 jocelyn-35

Chickie | 37 weeks

Um, wow, it’s been a while since I updated on the in-utero child!

But since the day is fast approaching, here’s a quick one!

Chickie is doing well, growing on track and very active! She turned head down two weeks ago, instead of hanging out transverse, which wasn’t so comfortable!

My thyroid levels didn’t improve like they expected, which indicates I may have had a preexisting issue, but they didn’t get worse, so they don’t need treatment. We will reevaluate 6 months postpartum.

I passed my gestational diabetes test!! Which is CRAZY awesome. Usually once you get it for one pregnancy, you do for the rest. However, being 30 pounds lighter at the start of this pregnancy probably helped, as did the overall diet changes I made and sustained after I had GD with Jean. Overall, that bodes well for my likelihood of developing diabetes later in life (which increases in women with GD.)

I managed to deal with my sciatic/pelvic pain pretty effectively by visiting a chiropractor weekly, although during these last couple of weeks, she is just getting so big not much is helping. But it’s manageable. My chronic migraines has disappeared thanks to acupuncture twice a month! But I do get short of breath if I have to stand for too long or bend over much. And the expected heartburn has returned- the whole I’m starving but my entire chest is burning thing 😉 All normal pregnancy stuff!

We have a csection scheduled for July 9th, 40 weeks, assuming I don’t go into labor before then (which I NEVER have- gone into labor on my own). It’s a family friendly one, with some awesome changes that I am hoping will make this my easiest, most enjoyable csection yet. We will let you know how it goes!

Baby girl still doesn’t have a name- we’ve heard them all, just can’t seem to find one that feels right yet. Perhaps we need to meet her 😉

Overall, we are trucking along- getting closer by the day! 20 days and counting! The bigs are all SO EXCITED and can’t wait to meet her. Such baby crazy little kids! We moved the twins into twin beds that will eventually be bunk beds, so we could sidecar a crib onto our bed for chickie. Clothes have been washed, cloth diapers prepped, freezer meals will be made this weekend, and we are just about ready. Need to install a car seat and get a place set up for her in the living room- oh and maybe I should pack a hospital bag! But overall, the amount you need to do to get ready for baby #5 is much less than the first few 😉

And since it’s been a while- some bump photos of Chickie..

20 weeks

20 weeks

23 weeks23 weeks 26 weeks26 weeks29 weeks
29 weeks 36 weeks36 weeks