Jocelyn | 2 years

Our sweet little Jocelyn is now two years old!

It seems just like yesterday that you were a tiny little thing. And yet, here you are, a full-on toddler. It has been really fun, and really challenging watching you grow over the past year! We’ve obviously done this age a few times, and while you are so like your siblings in some ways, you are completely different in others! Jocelyn turns 2-1

You have such a full-personality, Jocelynie! We have about a hundred nicknames for you- Jocelynie, Lynnie-pie, Pie-bear, Lynnie and more! Daddy has the most of the names, haha! You are an early riser- which I remember about some of your siblings around this age. You usually wake between 6-630am and come snuggle mom and dad in bed. But that doesn’t last long as you immediately start asking for food! You eat nearly constantly- “nack!!” and “ilk!!” Although eating at the table is hit or miss- you prefer to steal the food off of daddy’s plate from his lap, haha! You refuse to be buckled into your booster seat now- no one else is buckled in! And can often be found on top of the table, haha! Your days are pretty much summed up by trying to keep up with the bigs as much as possible! Jocelyn turns 2-2

You are achieving keeping up with them more and more every day. You have a huge vocabulary and speak in full sentences. Although when you are upset, it’s much harder to understand! You can climb into the swing, onto the trampoline, and up the slides all on your own. Too bad you can’t get down yet on your own! You insist on climbing into the car and your car seat on your own and helping buckle. You take off your clothes mostly on your own and attempt to put them on by yourself as well, ha! You are right in the predictable, I do it myself, stage- and it’s been fun to watch! Jocelyn turns 2-3

And yet, right on the edge of all that ‘big girl-ness’ is still a little one. Any little hurt requires a kiss from mama and hugs can fix absolutely everything. And your striving to “keep up” often results in many little bumps and bruises. You wrap your little arms so tightly around our necks and just love all snuggles. Your favorite sibling changes by the day – and they all have their moments of doting on you and helping you. They really do all enjoy you! Jocelyn turns 2-5

You are such a joy Jocelyn, so challenging at times, but also so quick to love on others. We all love having you around every day! Thank you sweet pie bear for always being an unpredictable, delightful part of our lives!

Jocelyn turns 2-9Jocelyn turns 2-10Jocelyn turns 2-12


Joelle is our latest sleeper- she is always the last one down in the morning, and it takes her a while to actually wake up.

When I watch her in the morning- it’s an exact mirror of how I feel, haha! I would rather sleep in and it takes me forever to actually get going in the mornings if I’m intentional about it! 365-9

Sweet girl. Poor thing usually eats breakfast alone because her siblings are done and off playing! 365-10