the gist

mr & mrs

  • met in middle school
  • friends for years
  • my sophomore year, his junior, sparks finally flew
  • made it official june of 2002
  • enjoyed our one year of dating while living in the same time zone
  • dated for 4 years long distance
  • the mr. graduated from the united states air force academy with a degree in computer engineering
  • we married 3 days after graduation and joined the academy’s 2% club
  • spent the first year of marriage in different cities
  • the mr. started pilot training
  • we got a puppy and kitty: jean-luc and juliette
  • i graduated from baylor university with a degree in elementary education and gifted and talented education
  • made our first military move 4 months later for initial helicopter training

+ babies

  • after nearly 2 years of trying for a baby, we started fertility treatments
  • made the second move 8 months later, finally pregnant, to do specific helicopter training as a tdy-in-route
  • made third move 6 months after that to our first real duty station
  • two months later welcomed our first son, jarvis in january of 2010
  • our second son, job whitcomb, was stillborn at 20 weeks in september of 2010 for unknown reasons
  • miscarried our monkey in february of 2011
  • welcomed our fraternal twins, joelle and jonah in february of 2012
  • made our fourth military move, a full DITY move with three kids
  • jean joined the family in may of 2013
  • jocelyn joined the family in july of 2015
  • made our fifth military move, a full DITY again, with a 2 month old and four toddlers!
15 and 16, Region Choir Competition 2002
Homecoming, Fall 2002
Prom Spring 2003
 Parents weekend 2003, first time seeing each other after basic
Columbus Day 2004
The proposal, July 2005
Ring Dance May 2006
Engagement party summer 2006
USAFA graduation May 2007
Wedding at the USAFA Chapel, June 2007
Honeymoon in Hawaii, June 2007
T-6 Solo, May 2008
Dropped Helicopters- December 2008
 Graduation from Pilot training- finally has his wings, May 2009

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