DIY | A Manly Play Kitchen

I believe toys shouldn’t have gender roles. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with boys playing with dolls or girls playing with legos. Did your husband change diapers, give bottles and  rock babies to sleep?? I know mine did! And can girls be architects when they grow up?? I know one of my good high school friends […]

DIY | Play Workbench

  Creativity is my sanity. It’s what keeps me grounded, it’s my outlet. And no matter what I am creating with… paper, fabric, wood, I love seeing something come out of nothing.    Hubby and I love working on any type of project together. It’s bonding time. Thanks to my awesome Dad, who had no […]

75 / 365

A few nights ago, Jonah was hanging on the side of the couch and fell back and hit his arm on a little wooden kids chair. He was pretty upset that night, but was moving it and using it fine, so we figured he had bruised it. He was up a ton that night, just […]