Jean | 4 years

I’m always behind on these and only catch up when there is another impending birthday, ha! Jocelyn turns 2 this weekend- so I need to get Jean’s birthday post done! I took the pictures a month ago! ha!

(Also, I have a ton of photos waiting on my camera for my 365- I will get them up eventually!)

jean is 4-1

Oh Jean. The thing that stands out most about you is quite obviously your ALL-IN personality. It doesn’t matter what you are doing- you do it hard, full-force, all-consuming. It can be such a joy to watch, and also so exhausting! More about that later 😉 You go by about a thousand nicknames including Beanie, Jeanie-bean, Bean, Gremlin (because you have the graveliest little voice!), Gremlina, and more.

jean is 4-9

In your mind, you are just as big as the twins, and since you no longer nap, you go full-force to keep up with the bigs. You got to start participating in school, which you LOVE. You and Joelle have been going through a pre-reading program together, and you are now recognizing your letters and know about half your letter sounds. The biggest development though has been your attention span. Most of the reading sheets involve coloring, and you will sit there for a solid hour and cover every inch of the paper! You also love the magic painting sheets that just use water to paint. It’s super helpful to have you engaged and yet not interrupting school time. Plus you listen while you color or paint and are absorbing all sorts of information- especially during our morning time during which we do all the other subjects besides math and reading. You are right on track with breaking apart words into sounds. We will likely continue with the same process for you next year as we school, and then begin simple math when you show readiness this year! jean is 4-7jean is 4-6

You have such an infectious giggle, and your emotions shine right out of your eyes! You still struggle with listening to directions, as your brain is a thousand miles away and you are far more interested in your own plans, haha! However I see more and more of that self-control developing everyday. You have gotten more adventurous with food, although you still eat like a toddler. Some meals you eat a ton, other days hardly a bite, haha! You are still on goat’s milk, although you tolerate cow yogurt and cheese now. We notice a big behavior change when you take an enzyme regularly to help with digestion. jean is 4-5jean is 4-4

Most days, you challenge me in all sorts of wonderful ways. You need lots of affection (which daddy loves!) and plenty of one-on-one time- which can be difficult in a big family. But it’s a constant reminder to me that I get out what I put in. You remind me that you are your own person and deserve individualized attention. And for that, I’m grateful. You have always needed a bit more physical and emotional attention, which has always pushed me beyond myself and reminded me that I am not meant to do this on my own anyway! You help me turn back to my strength in Christ! Potty training has been a challenge for the two of us. And I would say you are still only 80% trained. While you will often go on your own, your brain gets easily caught up in an activity and leaving to go potty isn’t even a consideration. But you get better at it every day- and I have to choose patience every day! It’s good for both of us! When I lose my patience, you struggle to control your own reaction- we are both working on this together!jean is 4-3jean is 4-2

Overall, sweet Bean, I’m so grateful you are in our family. You are such a force of nature and I simply love watching you grow up! You love just as hard as you push, and it’s such a blessing. Never lose your fire, Gremlin, never lose that amazing, often frustrating spunk.

And now, in her words:

Favorite thing to do with mommy: getting to take pictures
Favorite thing to do with daddy: have bedtime snuggles- I choose little, and big, and medium snuggles.
Favorite thing to do with your siblings: I like to play with them! We play tigers.
Favorite place to go: to Chick-fil-A
Favorite game to play: Tigers outside and we can transform into monkeys!
Favorite toy: Oink and Wolf (her stuffed animals)
Favorite song: Jesus Loves me
Favorite school activity: Painting the flowers

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