Twins | 5

Oh my goodness. I have had this post mostly written for several months now and keep not getting around to the pictures. The weather has been so strange around here.

So even though they are now 5 years and THREE months, I’m posting it!

twins 5-2twins 5-3

twins 5-1twins 5-8

Joelle, I always seem to start with you for these things, because you were technically the first born. Which all you kiddos are SURE to point out. Whatever little bit of power one can hold onto in a big family. Joelle, I’ve said it before, but oh my, you are me. I see my strengths in you, I see my weaknesses. But it’s been fun, because I can vividly remember pivotal moments in my life when I understood things about myself, and then I can see those moments in your future. I pray I can help you understand your character and nature and help you use it to the fullest. You are still such a people person and adore being groups. You are content to lead or follow as the situation calls. You do have a stubborn streak, mostly because there is a logic in your brain and you get frustrated when you can’t make the world line up with it. We affectionately call you the bag lady as you love to collect all things pink and red and hoard them away in bags tucked in little corners. You created a corner in the lego room, not to build your legos, but to sort them. Hehe, you will spend hours sorting legos by size and color, until one of your siblings dumps it all out and you must start again.

twins 5-9

You are still such a tiny little thing. You probably always will be, just petite. But that petiteness doesn’t stop you from anything! You are always at the top of the tree, front of the pack running your little heart out, or practically pedaling your little legs off to keep up with brother’s bigger bike. You love the process of learning and adore worksheets, ha! You often need direct instruction to learn something, but once instructed, you pick it up very quickly- just like mama! You still say you want to be a mama when you grow up, and I have no doubt you would be a fabulous one. You are very responsible for yourself and your personal care, and can even brush your own hair now! Such a little lady with so much strength, you are a joy to be around!

twins 5-10

Favorite thing to do with mommy: build puzzles and cleaning up
Favorite thing to do with daddy: plant plants
Favorite thing to do with your siblings: play together
Favorite place to go: Chick Fil A
Favorite game to play: Enie-meanie-minie-moo
Favorite toy: My ponies
Favorite song: My own songs!
Favorite school activity: Math and rhyming letter games

twins 5-11twins 5-12

Jonah-bear. Oh how I wish I could jump into your brain for a day! While your twin is much like me, you are so fascinatingly different! Your brain sees the world in colors and shapes and ideas that I can’t even fathom. You are almost always first to finish your schoolwork and then doodle all the pages. You skip chapters ahead of me in the math book when I’m not looking and we have to backtrack to make sure you understood the concepts (which you probably did). You are obsessed with symmetrical designs right now. Everything you create with wood blocks, magnetic blocks, gears, ANYTHING must be symmetrical. Daddy has decided you are going to become a scientist who discovers new crystal formations in nature. Because that’s your other love, nature. You notice flowers and plants and all things living. I’ve never seen so much delight over a field full of dandelions. You are reading at a pace that astounds me. I introduce a new concept and it’s like you’ve been reading it forever. That assimilation of new data reminds me of your daddy. Surprisingly enough, you haven’t jumped into the world of legos much yet, you prefer larger mediums, but someday you will discover them!

twins 5-13

Just like your twin (and all your siblings), you can have a fabulous stubborn streak. Yours usually stems from a desire to explore something in a way you aren’t permitted. Because no, you can’t flood the bathroom to watch the flow patterns of water over the edge of the counter. You’ve had a physical leap lately, and begun to show more interest in new things. You learned how to swing, which was MUCH to your delight. You still don’t show much interest for a bike, but prefer to run alongside your sibilings as they all bike, because then you can stop and explore all the interesting things you pass. I’m forever trying to keep your attention on sidewalks and in parking lots as you are more apt to pay attention to the weed growing in the cracks or the bubbling of the asphalt rather than the cars around you. In many ways though, it’s a lesson for me to learn to enjoy the little delights in life, the beauty of God’s creation all around us.

twins 5-14

Favorite thing to do with mommy: snuggle
Favorite thing to do with daddy: Playing and snuggling
Favorite thing to do with your siblings: Play minecraft (he doesn’t get to very often, ha!)
Favorite place to go: Chick Fil A
Favorite game to play: Monkeys (outside on the climbing gym)
Favorite toy: Magnatiles
Favorite song: Jesus Loves Me
Favorite school activity: Reading

twins 5-4twins 5-5twins 5-6twins 5-7

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