Jarvis | seven

Seven. And I’m literally nearly 2 months late, ha. Sitting down with my thoughts doesn’t happen that often. But here we go, my oldest. jarvis-7-1

Physically, you are still such a little carbon copy of your daddy, with a smidge of mama thrown in. And for now it still seems your personality is the same, a whole lotta daddy and a bit of mama. You have these huge dark eyes and thick dark hair. It seems like every single day you get longer and taller. I imagine you will pass me before too long. You have these knobby knees and elbows and can eat like a horse. If it’s something you like, ha! Still probably the pickiest eater, but you are very sensitive to flavor. You lost your first two teeth in the past few months. But not until after the adult teeth had grown in behind them. Luckily they moved right up into place after the baby teeth fell out. jarvis-7-3

It must be somewhat hard, to be the biggest in a house of littles. Sometimes you have whole worlds and games brewing in your head and the littler ones just can’t get on board. Sometimes you get frustrated with them and we have some mediation to do, other times you play by yourself. But often, when you are all engaged in a game, you are the ring-leader Jarvis, directing the flow of play and creating a whole little world for them. The other day, you all “snuck” past me and hid in another room. Then I heard your screech “whistle” and you shouted “MOVE OUT!” and you led your little line of soldiers out, them all marching behind you. I just love your imagination. And you come by it honestly, as books are one of your favorite things. You would happily sit and have someone read to you all day long. Or park yourself right in front of “Alexa” as she reads an audio book to you. The whole house can be going crazy around you, and you are caught up in Boxcar Children mystery. Your current favorite series are the A to Z Mysteries (Boxcar Kids), The Magic Treehouse series, and a Minecraft series. You love library days and spend hours pouring over books.jarvis-7-5


Alongside your love of books is the love of all things lego, and all things Minecraft or Lego Star Wars on the xbox. You get to play the xbox during nap time a few times during the week (after school is completed), and you are loving the (protected) creative building in Minecraft. You are nearly an expert at Lego Star Wars and I can no longer help you, ha! We limit your screen time, and you have gotten very good about respecting those limits and allowing the screen time to inspire creative play- instead of only ever wanting to play on the xbox. There is so much potential to learn things from technology if handled correctly. It’s going to be a reality of your life, so we are trying to help you learn to self-regulate and create good boundaries. jarvis-7-8

Homeschool. You are our first child to educate, and it’s just so different from my training in public education, so I am learning right alongside you. And I’m learning that we are both sinful, and it’s just hard to get started some days. Just as hard for me as for you. Especially since you all seem to play the best when it’s school time, ha! But we are committed to complete at least math and reading everyday- and some days, since mama is growing another baby, that’s all we do formally. But you learn so much in so many other ways. Literature is such a window to the world. Your daddy is the best teacher- he simply pours information and knowledge out to you all in a informal, captivating manner. I don’t know many other 7 year olds who randomly tell me that Red Giants are his favorite star and list all the reasons. I love your capacity for authentic learning. You are on the cusp of reading independently, just waiting for you to decide to WANT to. But we practice a little every day. Math wise- in just 6 months you BLEW through the subtraction book. You now say you like it better than addition. Up next is multiplication. But we are going to take a break for a couple of months and do some solid timed reviews for addition, subtraction, and telling time. You have most of them memorized, but mixed review is so helpful! We will lock all those facts in and then move onto multiplication- which you are excited about!


And now- in his words, his favorite-
color: green
food: pizza and ice cream
thing to do: play video games and swing on the swings
book: the Minecraft book I got for my birthday
song: Christian songs
toy: magnatiles
friend: Joelle so far. Kenzie too.
show: Star Wars movies
place to go eat: Chick fil A
place to go play: at the park


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