Jean | 3.5 years

Oh goodness, I am SO BEHIND! Back at the last of November, Jean turned 3&1/2 years. So here’s a quick little update on Jeanie.


Oh Beanie, you are still such a force of nature. Nothing you do is small. Every emotion, every thought, every game, every moment- it is all done with full force. Every single day your energy, your stubbornness, your strength, your intelligence, your sensitivity, all of it amazes me. There is so much personality in such a tiny little being that it’s hard to define. You are equal parts big kid and toddler and in this in between stage. Some moments, you are big and helpful and just as mature as the twins. And then in the next moment, you dissolve back into this younger child who can’t focus enough to help clean up. It’s such an interesting age, this in between. It’s normal and appropriate and just so intense with you. SO much of your emotional intenseness stems from a very deep need for connection. When I address that, when I am intentional with devoting the time you need, you pay it back in spades with extremely loving, devoted, kind attention.

It’s funny now for me to look back at my thoughts on your personality as a baby. Even then, you were always at one extreme or another. You were so easy to make laugh, giggle, and smiled this huge smile. You really were such a JOYFUL baby most of the time. But when you were hurt or upset, you had no hesitation to show it. I have a feeling you will always live life with this huge emotion and pedal to the metal. I just pray that we can help you channel that, help you steer all that energy and sheer LIFE into your calling. I can’t wait to see what that is.


Physically, you have grown so much lately. You now wear the same size as your big sister (which doesn’t say much because she is tiny!), but you still have the roundness of toddlerhood in your limbs. You are a compact, muscular little thing and you are so strong. Your head barely passes the counter top right now, but you can grab ahold of it, brace one set of toes in the middle of the cabinet door and lift yourself right up onto the counter! Sheer muscle! And sheer determination to steal food! ha!

On that note, your eating is so varied, which is normal for the reduced appetite that comes with your age. Most of the time, you get distracted too easily to eat well. You are constantly up and down from the table finding something to do. But you are willing to try foods and you eat fairly well. Oftentimes your stubbornness can come out over food, but we try to negate that as much as possible!


In this in between stage of big/little kid, also comes this in between stage of trying to learn how to play with others. In particular, you really want to play with Jocelyn. You love to try and play games with her, tickle her, interact with her. But you still haven’t quite figured out HOW to play with her in a way that doesn’t end with her fussing or crying. You try to bring her baby dolls, but then abruptly decide you need to take it back to wrap a blanket around it, which of course she doesn’t understand. You want to tickle her neck, but end up chasing her around the house wiggling her fingers forcefully in her neck until she trips and falls down. It’s quite hilarious and frustrating at the same time. I can see your heart, your desire to nurture others, but it’s constantly warring with the toddler still inside you. It will be so interesting watching this grow in you.


A few of your favorites are: purple, all things purple, carbs, dissecting all food before consumption, snacks, goat’s milk, Jocelyn’s baby food pouches, balls, directing Jocelyn’s play, Gremolina her doll, her stuffed turtles, Oink the stuffed elephant, Buff the white wolf, joining in and copying her big sibling’s games, sneaking- especially chocolate chips, mommy, hugs to help you calm down, being picked up, tickles, lots of tickles, cutting with scissors, making a giant mess, and more purple.


Before we end- these photos are from your “poopy cupcake” celebration! The first (and only, ha!) time you have pooped in the potty. You have potty trained yourself for #1 and even went an ENTIRE day while we were traveling in the car and out shopping at stores without an accident. They still happen occasionally at home- mostly when you don’t stop playing soon enough, which is very normal for your age. You, however, are having much more trouble with #2. You usually save it for your pull up during rest time, haha! But you are making progress and quite proud of your self. Your siblings have been great at helping remind you (they wanted to share in your treats!), and it really has been mostly self-motivated, which is what I was waiting for! I’d rather work with your dynamic personality than try to fight it! Congrats sweet bean, you are one step closer to being a big girl, and yet, still my sweet little baby.


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