18 months | Jocelyn

I am STILL trying to catch up, so many kids, so many birthdays and half birthdays, haha! But these posts are my favorites in my yearly books, so I’m gonna finish them- late!!


At the beginning of December, Jocelyn turned 18 months! This baby is such a joy to have around. In her mind, she’s just as big as the rest of the kids. And frequently doesn’t understand why we won’t just LET HER DO LIKE THEM. She is so independent and yet so utterly dependent. Most of the time, she would love if someone would just carry her around, but she’s not afraid to be right in the middle of the mess with her siblings. She is still rather attached to mama, and prefers me over other people. However she does love daddy snuggles and will now go to other people. She no longer cries when I leave her in a nursery and everyone always comments on what a happy girl she is in there (I imagine its because other 1yos don’t fight over toys like her big siblings do! ha!).


She goes by many nicknames including Pie Bear (a nod to Jonah-bear and Sister-bear), Pie, Joz, Baby Joz, and Lynnie. She is trying so very hard to communicate right now! I couldn’t count her words because it seems there is a new one every day. However her favorite word is NO- as I would expect from a toddler. However, she uses no and nu-uh as both NO and YES, haha! She refuses to say yes. You can usually tell if she ACTUALLY means no or yes by her inflection- and by her “no hands,” which means she is agitatedly hiting her hands together in front of her body in a wringing motion. If she says no in a matter of fact voice, it’s probably a yes, haha! She signs milk (for both water and milk), but that is about it for signs. She will point and show you what she wants. A few words she says: mama, dada, she attempts all the kids names with varying levels of spoken accuracy (she knows exactly who is who though!), she will occassionally say ok, and she frequently says baby. My favorite word is says is Pie Bear- although it sounds like Pi Bo! So adorable. She loves ANY and all music- in particular she loves “Rock a bye baby” and she will hold her animals and sing baby, baby over and over again, and she loves being rocked to that song.


One of the most charactierstic things about Pie Bear is that she eats constantly ALL DAY long. Literally, if she is awake, she’s probably eating, or fussing until she can eat again. Haha! She will eat mostly anything, but she is still not tolerating dairy- she drinks cashew milk. And since she is still nursing 2-3 times a day, I am still off dairy. She usually nurses down for nap and bed, and once in the early  morning. However she CAN go to nap and bed without nursing, so it’s nice that I can be gone if I need to. I don’t mind continuing it since it is really just an “optional comfort” thing for her right now. She’s in mostly 18 months clothes right now, to cover her belly, but really she has short arms and legs. Speaking of her belly, it’s fabulously huge! Which is to be expected since she eats all day. She has this adorable little waddle run that is still super slow compared to her big siblings. She does has Jeanie’s gremlin hair! Which means even if it is clean and freshly brushed, it will inevitably end up in a tangle in the back! She does have these sweet little curls in the back.


As far as sleep goes, she finally figured it out, somewhat on her own. Until October, she was still waking frequently at night and needing lots of help to settle, she wasn’t able to fall asleep without nursing. I needed a little push to help her transition, and Jace’s surgery did the trick! She now takes FABULOUS 3 hour naps, and she is sleeping so much better at night. As long as she isn’t sick, she usually wakes once around 530am. She gets up for the day between 630-7, naps 1-3, and goes to bed at 8. She has moved into the crib in the room with the girls, and that has actually helped her sleep- she sleeps right through any bedtime shenanigans and enjoys being in the same room as them. We also got her this (outrageously expensive) merino wool sleepsack, and it helped tremendously. She needs to sleep super warm.


A few Jocelyn favorites:

  • playing peek a boo
  • jumping out and “surprising” people
  • being carried
  • eating
  • nursing
  • throwing balls
  • all animals (especially the bunnies!)
  • doing exactly what the big kids are doing
  • being outside
  • stairs
  • coloring (aka eating crayons)
  • music and dancing
  • NOT tv shows (completely uninterested in them)
  • pushing on mama’s leg while she is cooking (JUST like Jean!)
  • kissing and hugging
  • NOT mama holding anyone else
  • throwing tantrums
  • getting her way (which she usually does- baby problems)
  • (I will probably add more once hubs gets home and throws in his thoughts!)


Precious Pie Bear, I am so thankful for you every single day. It has been so fun to really watch your personality blossom over the last 6 months. You have such a force of life, and it shows both in the way you love and your stubborness. I wouldn’t want it any other way. You are crazy difficult and crazy special and SO adored around here. We love you so much!









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