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Six years ago, when my oldest child was approaching his first birthday, I all of the sudden had a realization that soon he would be eating the same meals that I was “preparing” for my husband and myself. And by “preparing” I mean pulling out of the freezer and popping in the microwave or oven or stovetop. I didn’t cook. I hated cooking, I didn’t know how and I didn’t know where to begin. We ate out a ton and our diets were filled with processed foods and preservatives. We just didn’t know better. But I wanted to do better for our children and to raise them up on nourishing food.

At the time, I turned to 100 Days of Real Food and participated in her real food challenges. It was a slow process, but over the next 2 years I taught myself to cook and to actually enjoy being in the kitchen.

Almost 4 years ago, in search of a Traditional Soaked Whole Wheat Bread (that I blogged about here), I ran across The Elliott Homestead Blog and quickly fell in love with her REAL food recipes that featured farm fresh foods. She also has an endearing writing voice and is an overall pleasure to follow. Her first cookbook, From Scratch, has been used so often that the pages are falling out.


She has just released a new cookbook, Family Table, which my dear mom pre-ordered for me for my birthday. It is filled with gorgeous photography and delicious recipes featuring wholesome ingredients.

But the best part? With any purchase of the Family Table cookbook before October 4th, you get FREE ACCESS to Shaye’s new Whole Foods Kitchen Course. Shaye will walk you through learning how to stock a whole foods pantry, how to batch cook and prep, and provide the resources you need to prep and plan.

Shaye will help you:

1. BRING whole foods, health, and wellness into your kitchen through basic recipes, techniques, and tools of the trade

2. FIND joy in cooking and meal preparation

3. PRODUCE delicious food your family will actually eat by sourcing quality ingredients and eliminating the garbage

4. PLAN your meals to bring peace to cooking schedules

5. STOCK your pantry with real food items that will nourish your body

Check out this fabulous introduction video here. Then go order your book before October 4th and you will get access to this course for FREE ($129 value!)!



One thought on “whole foods kitchen course | nourishing habits

  1. I was coming to your blog to find some real food reciepes and your last post is just what I needed! God’s timing is so perfect! Many blessings to you and your precious family

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