VitaFlex | nourishing habits

Ok, things are about to get really hippy around here for our Wellness Wednesday. Are you surprised? ha!

Let’s talk VitaFlex. I’ve mentioned applying oils to your feet, because the skin is less likely to have any sensitivity reactions, but also because there are points on our feet that lead directly to many places in our bodies.

“VitaFlex uses the reflex system of internal body controls to release tensions, congestions, and maladjustments. When properly applies through specific application of hand rotation movements and control points, a vibration healing energy is released along the neuroelectrical pathways to an exact point. This healing energy is created by the contact between the fingertips and and the reflex (contact) points. The resulting spark of energy follows the neuro pathways of the nervous system to where there is a break in the electrical circuit. Upon reaching the break, any necessary changes are made automatically.” (Reference Guide for Essential Oils).

The basic approach to using VitaFlex on feet to apply oils is to drop one to three drops of the desired oil on the foot, then use your non-dominate hand and place the pads of your fingers on the corresponding area according to the VitaFlex chart. Leverage can be achieved by placing the thumb of that same hand on the opposite side of the foot. Applying smooth, consistent, strong pressure, curl your fingers from the pads over to the nails. Release immediately and repeat 3-5 times in the desired area.

And guess what, I have a free download for you of a VitaFlex chart, created by Pen & Paint.

vita flex pen and paint-page-001.jpg

To download your own copy of the graphic, click here. Printable sized as two 5.5 x 8.5 images, print on 8.5 x 11 paper. Personal use only, do not alter, reproduce for sale, or redistribute. Printable created by Pen & Paint, all right reserved.

Still not sure where to start? I recommend rubbing lavender on the edge of the big toes, right over the VitaFlex point leading to the cerebrum, and settling in for the night! Sweet dreams!

Want your own oils? Join me in learning about natural wellness here.

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