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So far, we have covered diffusing, topical application, and Seed to Seal Quality. Up next is utilizing the Vitality Line of Essential oils for ingestion. Remember, we talked about how all EOs are NOT acceptable for consumption. I only trust Young Living EOs for consumption.

There is a lot of mixed information out there on ingesting essential oils. And a lot of fear mongering. Here’s my take, I ingest occasionally for quick, strong system support. I honestly would rather ingest essential oils than a lot of the junk that is in many things you can purchase a drugstore or heck, even most processed foods. I feel that it is a safe practice, with the appropriate awareness of the potency of Young Living oils. Do your own research- empower yourself in your own health.

Young Living, in accordance with the FDA, has put out a new line of oils called Vitality Oils. These oils are the same quality of product as the rest of their oils, but have specialty labels that have instructions for internal use. They come in a convenient 5ml size and are super simple to carry with you.


The simplest way to take EOs internally is a drop under your tongue. For many oils, this is a fantastic way to get them into the bloodstream quickly and effectively. Some oils, however, may not taste that great. So another option is to purchase clear vegetable capsules to drop the EOs into and then swallow. I usually add my drops of oil and then fill the rest of the capsule with solid coconut oil. I find this helps reduce the “oily burps.” 😉

As always with EOs, start small and work your way up. One drop may be sufficient for you, or you may need to work your way up to more. Be prepared for potential slight detox side affects (headaches, nausea, etc) as the oils help you body systems learn to work more effectively. ingest-5

Immune Boost Capsules
2 drops Oregano, 2 drops Thieves, 2 drops Lemon


Digestion Aid Capsules
2 drops Digize, 2 drops Peppermintingest-7

Another one of my favorite ways to utilize the Citrus Vitality line is in my water. Drop a small pinch of himalayan pink salt in the bottom of your {glass or stainless steel*} cup, add a drop of a citrus oil, and then fill with water for a yummy, refreshing drink that may help suppress appetite! Peppermint Vitality is also spectacular in coffee or hot chocolate!

Be sure to only use glass or stainless steel when drinking with EOs, as they can eat away at plastic. ingest-8

Another way to take EOs internally is to utilize the Oil-infused drinks from Young Living. NingXia Red is a fantastic antioxidant drink utilizing wolfberries, juices, and oil infusions. It is delicious and I take 1-2 oz every day!ingest-1

Probably my favorite Young Living product is NingXia Nitro. This little sachet is my afternoon pick me up, utilizing essential oils, juices, and natural caffeine. It’s fabulous. ingest-2

Want to learn more? The vitality line oils are included in the Premium Starter Kit. Read more here.

Disclaimer: This info is based on my experiences and resources. Please use common sense and the advice of your qualified health professional when making your health decisions. These statements are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. download.jpg

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