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Be honest, you read tRopical oils when you glanced at this blog title. Ha. I keep giggling when I read it. “What is this crazy hippy talking about now?” 😉

I shared yesterday about how we love diffusing oils in the morning, during school, at night, all the time. Well I’d like to share another way we use Young Living Essential oils: topical application.

There are two was you can apply essential oils topically:

  • Neat: un-diluted, by themselves.
  • Diluted: using only a drop or 2 of essential oil and mixing with a carrier oil


In general, I always suggest people always start applying oils diluted. Some oils are considered “hot” because of the warm or cool sensation they create. The number of drops of essential oil to drops of carrier oil depends on who you are applying the oil to and the desired effect. Start with a higher dilution and reduce as you desire.


What is a carrier oil? A carrier oil is any oil that you use to suspend the essential oil within, enable spreading, and slow the absorption and evaporation time. Pretty much any oil will work, such as coconut oil, fractionated coconut oil (stays liquid at room temp), almond oil, grapeseed oil, jojoba oil, rosehip oil, olive oil, etc. Fractionated coconut oil or almond oil are my favorites for adding to roller blends (more on that below), and jojoba or rosehip are my favorite for facial care and oil washing. I particularly like Leven Rose carrier oils.


When applying essential oils on my kiddos, I usually dilute them. You can do this in two ways, in your palm or with a pre-made roller. For quick application, simply place a small amount of carrier oil in your palm, add the drops of essential oil, and rub on desired area. I like to make pre-mixed roller for any oils I use regularly, like our bedtime rollers, digestive support, or mood support. I purchase roller bottles on Amazon (the best ones have metal rollers). Simply add the essential oils you want to use to the empty roller bottle (10-30 drops total depending on your desire dilution ratio), then fill the rest of the way with a carrier oil. Toss on a label and you have simple to use essential oils!



Young Living also carriers a whole line of pre-diluted essential oil blends, which are a fast, simple way to utilize essential oils. Here are a few of them!


When I apply oils to the bottom of our feet, I rarely use carrier oils, I apply them neat. The feet are a fantastic way to get the oils into our bodies fast! 

Want to learn more about Young Living Essential Oils or get some of your own? Read more here.


Also, gotta love my little helper! 😉


Disclaimer: This info is based on my experiences and resources. Please use common sense and the advice of your qualified health professional when making your health decisions. These statements are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. download.jpg

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