Jarvis | SIX & a half

Oh my firstborn. We are a bit behind 6.5, but catching up is worth it. I still can’t believe you are getting so big. It’s true what they say, how the days are long but the years are short. It gets harder every day to remember you as a teeny little thing. Hard to remember that you spent 2 years as our only child. Six, six seems so big. And you are very nearly seven, which seems so old.

jarvis-1Physically, you are still such a little carbon copy of your daddy, with a smidge of mama thrown in. And for now it seems your personality is the same, a whole lotta daddy and a bit of mama. I am so curious to see how this develops as you grow up. How much of our personalities are defined by our God-created natures, our genetics, and how much by our circumstances, siblings, parents, etc? You are so much fun to watch grow up.


You are becoming a better eater lately, JarvBot. Less reluctance to try new foods, although you still have a very sensitive palate and definitely don’t like anything spicy or with a strong flavor. Your sense of smell goes right along with that. We’ve taken a very hands off approach to mealtime battles and you are making better choices all on your own. Growin’ up kiddo.jarvis-3

You have many nicknames still, mostly given by your daddy. JarvBot, Jarvie, Botticus, Buddy Boy, Monkey. You love nicknames. You don’t love playing alone, at least not most of the time. You are always roping people into your pretend games and creative worlds. You are frequently asking, “who wants to play with me?” At least you have plenty of little playmates around! Joelle is usually the one who joins you, although since you started sharing rooms, you and Jonah play together much more often. You will spend hours buried in the lego room, creating and playing on your own. You are also obsessed with books and will plop on the couch to devour an entire stack after we visit the library. You know exactly where the lego books are at the library! ha!jarvis-4

I keep saying that I have a big homeschool post in the making, and I do, really, it’s just that I haven’t made time for it. So in a nutshell, you would be starting 1st grade this month, but I don’t really concern myself with grade levels. You are pretty much on par with a new 1st grader in some areas, “ahead” in a lot, and “behind” in a few. You are exactly where you need to be for yourself, which is what matters. You are reading, much more than you even realize, although it is NOT your favorite thing to do. You can decode and read most words you come across in leveled books, but fluency is still a area for improvement. You love math and have memorized most of your addition facts up to 9+9. We are now moving into subtraction, and with your strong base in addition, it’s been a breeze. You love poetry and are exceptional at understanding it. You have a keen eye for breaking down a piece of art and are learning the language of art. Science has to be one of your favorites as you love all nature. Your handwriting is improving daily, despite your double challenge of triphalengeal thumbs and being left-handed.  We do an integrated Bible/History/Geography series, and I am constantly amazed at the level of understanding that you gather from a upper elementary level commentary. Plus you love reading through the Bible. Getting started at school work in always a bit of challenge, but once you get started, you do love learning very much!jarvis-5

You have so much responsibility sweet boy, being the biggest of so many littles. But you bear it grace, and absolutely adore your younger siblings. As of right now, you vary back and forth on being some kind of community helper- fireman, police officer, superhero, ninja, ha! I have no doubt with your leadership skills and interpersonal skills that you will grow up to be someone very influential. It’s our daily prayer, sweet JarvBot, that you grow in the love Christ has for you and learn to be a servant leader, just as I strive to learn alongside you every day. jarvis-6

And now- in his words, his favorite-
color: green and blue
food: pizza (but it makes my tummy hurt), pasta, apple
thing to do: walk around everywhere, jumping on the trampoline, legos, bike riding
book: All Star Wars books
song: All Rock N’ Roll (except for quiet ones)
toy: legos
friend: Joelle, Jonah, Jean, and the person who moved away.
show: The Dinosaur one, MinMin and Kate
place to go: Chick fil A

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