Twins | FOUR & FOUR and a HALF

Well, somehow I missed doing an actual FOURTH birthday post for my twinkies. I know I posted some birthday photos, but I never followed up with their letters. So this post is for FOUR and FOUR and a HALF.

twinkies and jean-17

My Jonah Bear.  What a creature you are! Jonah bear, your incredible brain shines just about as bright as your little smirk. We are constantly amazed at your ability to process and think. You definitely excel more mentally vs physically. You simply don’t have as much interest in the physical stuff. Instead of out learning to ride a bike, you are wandering around the neighborhood collecting interesting leaves, observing their smells and shapes and colors and sorting them by various attributes. You walk to the beat of your own drummer most of the time. You are just as likely to play alone as with other people. Your current favorite game is making “clay.” Which means you get the pavement wet, rub the chalk vigorously to create new colors, and then gather all the damp crumbles of chalk into a ball of “clay.” I love the way you explore things. You love using all your senses. Anything with water is a definite Jonah-favorite!

twinkies and jean-4

I feel like most days you hardly eat a thing Jonah. You will occasionally have a hearty meal, but most of the time you simply aren’t that hungry, although you are getting better at trying new foods. As a result, you are still a little skinny mini, although your face stays nice and round! You are taller than your twin, and currently wearing 4T and some 5T. Right about the time you turned 4, you up and decided to potty train. And within a few days, bam, you were day AND night trained. We figured we just needed to wait until you decided you were ready!

twinkies and jean-5

As I mentioned above, you have an affinity for all things nature. Flowers, plants, leaves, trees, anything that grows. You notice them and remember them, and love to learn all about them. You’ve also taught yourself how to read. You can sound out any simple 3-5 letter word and are reading simple phonics books on your own. You also have a natural affinity to addition, and we have begun some informal learning on that. Although you are just 4, we are going to begin Kinder curriculum for you in the fall when we go back to school. I typically like to wait, and let kids be little and play for longer, but you LOVE doing school, and so we will do some simple reading and math. (In addition to our whole family morning time during which we study many other subjects.)

twinkies and jean-6

As you will see in your interview below, you adore you Zippy the turtle and your baby Zippy (with a clip on it), they are your favorite things and go with you nearly everywhere. You still adore your flower blanket that I made and sleep fully under the covers. You are currently obsessed with jokes (everyone is, really!), and you are good at memorizing the one you ask “Alexa” the Amazon Echo to tell us.

twinkies and jean-21For the most part, your frustration outbursts and tendencies to want to act out physically are lessening. You are quick to apologize now, and handle anger in more productive ways. You are also handling new places better, and you love the Sunday School teacher at the new church we are attending.

You told us the other night that you just love being Jonah bear, and Jonah bear, we love having you.

twinkies and jean-7


And now- in his words, his favorite-
color: blue, and purple and all the colors in the rainbow
food: All the foods in the whole wide world. I love celery.
thing to do: Play outside and smell the flowers and make chalk colors.
book: Math problems
song: ABCs
toy: Zippy and baby Zippy
friend: Joelle
show: “PBS kids, all of those shows.
place to go: :To the park and play in the hot when I drink lots of water.”
thing to do: play with baby Zippy.twinkies and jean-8

My sweet twinkies.


twinkies and jean-22Now for Joelle-phant. My little mini-mama. You remind me so much of myself. So much sweetness and yet so much spice. Overall, you are a people-pleaser and you LOVE doing things for other people. But when you get mad, wooo-weee, you can get so angry, my dear. But we can take it, it’s always safe to express your emotions here.

twinkies and jean-9If I had to sum up four for you in one word, it would be Jarvis. He is your best friend, your near constant companion, your hero, your playmate, your fight-buddy, your everything. I know you wish constantly that you were as big as him. But even though you are a tiny thing, that barely wears 4T clothes, you can do just about everything he can, physically. There’s no tree too tall for you to clamber up after him, no rock to rough to hike up, no muddy spot too slippery, nothing that will keep you from keeping up with your big brother. And on that note, you’ve made a big transition since you turned four. You not only learned how to use the Strider bike (a balance bike with no pedals), but you also learned to ride  a big two wheel bike last week- with no training wheels! We picked it up at the second-hand store one afternoon, I took off the training wheels, and within 15 minutes you were riding around like a pro! Your current favorite thing is to ride around in the cul-de-sac, and you love that you can ride to the park and go on bike rides with daddy and Jarvis. Girl, when you put your mind to it, nothing can stop you.

twinkies and jean-10Now, while physically you pick things up at the drop of a pin, mentally things are a bit slower for you usually. However lately, you have been surprising me with your logic reasoning, memorization skills (you rock our morning time bible verses!), and your budding math skills. You make valiant efforts to sound out words, but do still need some practice on letter recognition and sounds. You’ve shown me lately that you have an understanding of the fundamentals of addition. So starting in the fall, we will be starting you on a slower paced pre-k/k curriculum, as you simply LOVE worksheets.

twinkies and jean-11You are still my most adventurous eater and will try anything, although you don’t eat as much volume-wise. You like foods the others don’t and enjoy helping out a lot. You are almost always willing to help someone out. However you are rather protective of any toy you consider “yours.” You are a little dancer and make up fabulous songs during bedtime. You now insist on only sleeping pj bottoms as you claim you get “too hot,” although this usually results in mama or daddy having to come in and put your blanket on during the middle of the night! twinkies and jean-12

Oh sweet Joelle, thank you for being quick with your smile and loving to others. I promise to never stop praying over your precious heart at night, especially for all those “monsters, bad guys, lions, tigers, alligators, and ghost-es” that you are afraid of. twinkies and jean-13

And now, in her words, her favorite:
color: pink
food: “All of the kinds of foods, but not porridge with berries in it, but porridge without berries. I would eat peanut butter and jelly right now and everything else.”
thing to do: play Star Wars legos with Jarvis
book: my Ladybug Girl book
song: “All the songs in the world. I like to sing Lullaby.”
toy: my bunny and all my cheerers (?)
friend: Jarvis….. (pause) and Jonah and Jean. All three of them are my friends.
show: Octonauts
place to go: to Chick fil A
thing to do: play outside and ride my bike

twinkies and jean-18twinkies and jean-19twinkies and jean-20

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