Jean | THREE

I think you will forever be Baby Jean to me, despite that you are firmly in little kid territory now. THREE. We managed to survive two, Beanie, and I’m proud of all of us for that.

You have so much personality packed into such a little thing. You are a force of nature with a really sensitive heart. This can often make you somewhat difficult to parent, as your determination and sheer will are often overcome only by your desire to be picked up and held. texas -1

You were pretty thrilled with your birthday and kept singing happy birthday to yourself all week. You have such a capacity to understand new things, it’s fascinating. You are a moderate eater, sometimes you will try anything and eat a bunch, and other times you barely touch your plate, but I remember that from all your siblings at this age. You particularly love carbs and fruit, of course! You also ADORE goat milk and drink at least 10-12 ozs a day if not more. You also love chewing on ice for some reason! We recently started you on an enzyeme (which ironically, I now remember doing about a year ago) and have seen a DRASTIC reduction in your fits. For the past 2 months, you have really been struggling with your anger and abrupt fits. You were having a lot of trouble with patience and accepting no and would often thrash and flail on the floor for up to an hour before calming down (usually you would finally ask me to pick you up). You were also refusing for daddy to help you at all and insisting mama had to do everything. We had tried many ways of supporting you and reinforcing your power and positive attention, but not much was working. It was even worse during/after our recent visit to Texas. However, it has become clear to me that there is a gut/brain connection that was making it difficult for you to process and handle emotions. Since we started you on an enzyme, you are now much more patient, use your words, accept change or no, and are willing to let others help you. It’s been fabulous to see our sweet Bean come back to the surface. texas -2

You really do have such a caring heart Jean, you really want to connect with people, which is why you choose to reach out for physical affirmation after being upset. You will happily THROW yourself into someone’s arms. You are still napping, but barely these days. It often makes bed time difficult for you to fall asleep, especially sharing a room with Joelle, but you are getting better about settling yourself down. You still love being carried around, although you are getting much too heavy for that. You are wearing 3T, but can also wear Joelle’s 4T clothes (she’s not ready for 5T yet!). You still have much of the baby chub and round belly left hanging on, and it’s just precious. You now have a haircut to match Joelle and everyone thinks you two are the twins, which you don’t mind. You have this adorable little scrunch up smile that just stretches your whole face. texas -3

Your current favorites:
– swinging (you’ve recently learned to keep yourself swinging on your own)
– stealing someone’s food
– coloring (lately you’ve developed the patience to sit and slowly color something in)
– oils, you love all mama’s oils
– being held and snuggled, being held like a baby
– learning your strider bike
– bath time with lots of splashing
– goat milk, lots of goat milk
– bouncing around
– singing
– putting underwear on over your diaper (nope, you aren’t potty trained, I’m gonna let you decide when you are ready for that!)
– “your” helping day and running errands with mama
– feeding the puppy, your choretexas -4

As I mentioned above, you have had quite the affinity for mama lately, but you do also love for daddy to hold you. The other day at dinner you told Jonah he was your best friend, but you also say that about Joelle. I personally think you and Jocelyn will be the best of friends one day (if you can just stop pushing her over and sticking your feet in her face, haha!). You pick up on so much around you and are very quick to learn and keep up with the bigs. texas -5

You have started more pretend play lately, with little ponies and animals. You happily join in on the big make-believe games that Jarvis sets up for everyone. You desperately want to be included and want to play with their things, you aren’t quite as much of a loner like Jonah, nor quite as much as a people person as Joelle and Jarvis. You fall somewhere right in the middle. You will often come back to where I am when the others are off playing. Not that you aren’t all sorts of brave. You will try anything on the playground with no doubt you will succeed and can be quite the daredevil. Often, your toddler body catches up with your bigger kid brain though and that’s when you fall or get hurt. You also love to tinker with things and build and gather. You adore sorting and will often sort and resort small objects by size and color (so much like your Jonahbear). You know a lot of your letters and some sounds, but don’t really like being quizzed on it. texas -6

You have a great many nicknames Jean. Jeanie, Jeanie-beanie, Beanie, Beanie-baby, Gremlin, Gremil, Baby Bean, Bean, and many more. And you fit your middle name- Wilder, so perfectly.

texas -8

I hope and pray every day that I can help teach you to channel this force of nature you have flowing through you into positive things. You have a great ability, Beanie, to influence people and win them over. With your will and determination, you can change the world. Most days we just hang on to each other in the tidal wave that is a strong toddler and keep working on grace and humility in the middle of your fantastic personality. I can’t wait to see what you do with your life Jeanie, but I am so thrilled to get to enjoy you as a sweet little kid for a little bit longer. I love you Beanie, never stop rocking the world.

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