Jarv-bot is SIX

So, I’ve had most of this written since Jarvis’ birthday (and a post for the twins too!!), but I was slacking on pictures and didn’t get it posted- so even though he is closer to 6 & 1/2 now, let’s do a six year-old update!

jarvis, jean nap-8Jarvis,

I honestly can’t believe you are six years old. Six is firmly in big kid territory, no more fooling myself that you are little. In fact, you are closer to double digits than not, now. I can’t believe how big you are most days. Those long bony legs don’t hold any toddler chub any more. I can see the stirrings of a teenager in the bony knees and pointy elbows.

jarvis, jean nap-7You have several nicknames, your favorite of which is Jarv-bot, although you do enjoy buddy boy and Botticus. You are getting taller every day and slimming out. You wear 5T right now, although I think your summer wardrobe will have to be 6T. Joelle is still your best buddy, but you and Jonah have gotten closer since sharing a room. Your favorite things are Legos, swinging, Lego Star Wars on the xbox, Minecraft Story Mode on the xbox, card games, and painting.

jarvis, jean nap-4You are our oldest, our biggest, and as such, a lot of responsibility falls on you. You are trapped in this dichotomy of embracing being the biggest (and the perks of being older), and still trying to hold onto the freedom of childhood with your little siblings. Especially since we home educate, you are surrounded by toddlers all day, so sometimes I worry you aren’t quite as mature or self-confident or independent as other kids your age. But then I realize that is ok. It comes with time, and I’m ok with you being younger for a bit longer. I’m glad you get to keep one foot over the threshold of little kid to big kid for a while longer. We all grow up too soon.jarvis, jean nap-1

Your favorite perk of being the biggest is playing games with mama and daddy. You love go fish, war, Blokus, Old Maid, Uno, and so many more. We more recently have begun playing more strategy games with you, and it’s fun to see your little brain grow. I am constantly impressed with your ability to pick up the rules. We usually play after the rest of the littles are in bed. It’s a special time for you. I don’t think you realize how awesome it will be when the little ones can play with us- you will have built in board game buddies!

jarvis, jean nap-2

On the foot that sits in big-kid land is education time. This past year has been such a time of learning and growth for you, Jarvis. It’s hard to believe it’s been a year since we changed our approach from “school at home” to a more flexible, literature based Charlotte Mason methodology. Your daddy and I are still learning to apply the methodology, and school time is still pretty light, as CM considers kindergarten to simply be an introduction (and we agree). But I am still working on my big post discussing that, ha! We do Science through literature and observation, we’ve been studying wetlands lately and we are enjoying learning about all sorts of creatures. Math is quite possibly your favorite- we use a program called Math U See, and you have just finished memorizing all your addition facts up to 9+9. We’ve even introduced algebra and solving for the unknown! Poetry is a close second for your favorite, we just finished up reading through quite a bit of Emily Dickenson’s writings and are moving onto Tennyson now. You do enjoy silly Shell Silverstein as well! We are utilizing All About Reading for reading practice, and it’s all finally clicking in place for you. You are definitely reading, and get more fluent every day- although it’s still not your favorite- you would much rather snuggle in and have someone read you a story. We have been studying various artists including Velasquez, Monet, and Constable and creating a lot of your own art. You love Impressionist styling and your favorite medium for creating is chalk pastels with watercolors. For History, Geography, and Bible, we are currently reading through the Old Testament from the very beginning and studying Africa at the same time. We utilize a children’s commentary for our bible readings and I am constantly surprised at how much theology you are already absorbing. We are mapping Africa, studying current cultures there, reading literature about Ancient Egyptians and other concurrent surrounding cultures.  So there’s the summary! We used to do school during nap time, but as the twins are phasing that out, we usually do it mid-morning and after lunch. It’s working for us- at least for now!

jarvis, jean nap-9

Some big things you have learned lately- riding a big kid bike, super lego creations, and skiing. You are a super picky eater, sweet boy. You have a very strong sense of smell and taste, and lately you haven’t wanted to eat much. It’s partially a power struggle and we are all working on diffusing it now. Still, you eat pretty well for a 6 year old!

Jarvis, we love you so much and truly enjoy having you in our family.

Love, mama.

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