march-10.jpgAbout a week and a half ago, Jocelyn came down with a low-grade fever. That was the start of our bout with the FLU. yipee!

It takes a while for the flu to work it’s way through a family of 7. Joz was first, and pretty minor, she was never very sick, just a little fussy and uncomfortable. Then mama caught it, HARD. Fought off the initial symptoms with the help of oils, but the lingering sinus stuff has been rough. Then the middle kids went down for the count, day after day. Then daddy had a minor bout. Somehow the biggest one avoided it.

But we’ve had high fevers, breathing treatments, ER trips, steroids, roid-rage, ear infections, coughs, runny noses, and pitiful children for the last week.

I *think* we are on the final days. But bear’s face after nap pretty much sums the whole thing up. Our immune systems have been stronger this past winter, which I credit largely to Essential Oils, but still, sickness happens. Here’s to the approach of SPRING!

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