Life is such an ebb and flow. Things change, priorities change, seasons grow differently. This space has meant so much to me for so many years. But sometime around our last move (and the birth of #5), I found it hard to make the time or mental space for this blog.

But I miss it. And there are going to be big holes in our precious yearly blurb books. Which are oh-so-important to me. These days are so fleeting and fast and my sleep-deprived brain can’t hold onto the thoughts and feelings and memories like I would like.

So I am recommitting here. Not a 365- that was lots of pictures, which I loved, but I never had time to tell the stories I wanted to tell, I was too pressured to do pictures.

So, maybe a weekly post? Maybe 10 on 10 again? I’m not sure. But I WILL be here. Because this is important to our little family.


This stroller is 4 years old. I bought when we were expecting that nearly-3 year old on the left. All of my kids have sat in this. I have a photo nearly exactly like the one above, but with little tiny twin feet sticking out.

It goes with us everywhere. It’s my solid ground. Their safe place. It holds my bags, overflows with waters and snacks. There’s a baby headband and two hair ties on the side. The clips to lock it in place are a bleached red. There’s mud permanently ingrained in the foot rests. It barely fits through the doorway, but leaves tons of space in the back of the van. Man, I love this stroller. And the little tushes that sit in it.


hey, mom. mom. the big kids are outside. march-5

mom, can I go out there? please, please? there are leaves to taste and grass to pull. march-6

moooooommmmm, come on. i’m big. let me go!


oh wait, i’ll just come get you instead!


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