jocelyn | seven & half months

Oh my, this littlest of ours is OVERDUE for an update! I think the last time I posted for Joz, she was just shy of 5 months and “planking” and trying to crawl.


Well, at 6 months Jocelyn could roll and backwards squirm around where ever she wanted to go. Then at 6.5 months she was getting into a sitting position and sitting unassisted and then full on crawling just a few days later. And by seven months, she is pulling to standing on EVERYTHING and cruising along the bottom stair. Physically, this girl is on a roll!

Jocelyn weighs in right about 17lbs right now but is still barely on the growth chart for height. Her head however is in the 99th percentile, girl has a NOGGIN. She is still exclusively breast-fed, which I have to admit AMAZES me. I still can’t quite believe that she is growing just by nursing, it’s so strange after all the others. She’s wearing 9 month clothing right now.

She started some light solids food since 6 months, and currently her favorites are peas, sweet potatoes, applesauce, prunes, and butternut squash. She appears to have a reaction to bananas, so we are steering clear of those (and avocado and kiwi, which are said to have similar results). She’s had hard boiled egg yolks mixed with breastmilk and other foods as well.

Jocelyn is a mama’s girl for sure. She’s not the best sleeper, but she has gotten better about napping in her crib instead of always in a carrier on me. She still nurses frequently, just as much for comfort as nutrition. She does love her daddy too, and all the kiddos (but especially Jarvis).

She loves to be entertained and likes to bang things around. She’s very curious and VERY stubborn and will cry angrily if you take something she shouldn’t have. She says dada and recently started saying mama. She is really a VERY happy baby, and people always comment on her friendly demeanor. She loves other people.

Her favorites are chewing on everything, sleeping in car (yes, the car screaming has finally stopped!), being held, chewing paper, and watching her siblings.

Here are a few phone pictures from the last month!

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