338 | 365

bath time.

It’s not daddy and I’s favorite time. There’s so much splashing, so much loud screeching. Battles over water in their eyes, fighting over toys. Attempting to scrub their hair, shivering children running around while we try to diaper/dress them.

But the other night, we talked about how Jean rarely says “up, pees” anymore. She doesn’t ask to be held much. One day she did. Then one day she didn’t. I don’t remember the last time she asked that. Somehow it just stopped. And someday, someday they won’t need us to supervise bath time. They won’t shriek with joy over the splash of their feet as we get soaked. Before we know it, they will be big. They will shower themselves and I won’t get to gently wash soap out of their eyes, or towel off stringy wet hair. Or get to pick up a warm, towel wrapped bundle and briskly rub them down.

So let’s enjoy the everyday chores. Because someday, they won’t need us. more-1more-2

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