331 | 365

“I’m your girl, right, mama?” She asks, as she snuggles up next to me for a hug. Her little fingers with chipped pink polish curl around mine and the wisps of hair escaping her braids tickle my cheek.


I am thankful for the little ears that pick up on everything, and the little hearts being shaped daily. The little hearts constantly asking for love, reassurance, limits and my attune presence. The little limbs needing kisses to feel better, the wails inequity or injustice of needing acknowledgement, the inquisitive minds asking, asking, asking, and the little personalities growing daily under our care.

May you always know you are my precious child, and a child of a King who has a great plan for you.

“I’m your girl, right, mama?”

Yes, relly-girl, you are my girl.


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