Jocelyn | 1 month

Oh, so, so late!

Jocelyn is one month old!!

joz six weeks-7

Last time I shared on our sweet littlest, she was 2 weeks. Time has flown and she is almost seven weeks now! First off a little weight recap:

3 weeks: 8lbs even

4 weeks: 8lbs 12 ozs

5 weeks: 9 lbs 10.5 ozs

almost 7 weeks: 12lbs even

Girl is growing SO well!! She is still exclusively breastfed, which is awesome, we’ve never had one gain like this with out formula supplementation. In fact, she is bigger already than they all were at 2 months- and she’s got two weeks to til that! Just for fun at 2 months,
Jarvis: 11lbs 2ozs
Joelle: 9lbs 10ozs
Jonah: 10lbs 5 ozs
Jean: 11lbs

So we are really happy that she is gaining well. And breastfeeding isn’t painful any longer, which is wonderful. I’m hoping we can make it work for quite a while! It’s nice to not be washing bottles and mixing formula and all that jazz. Plus it’s nice to have her getting the best stuff. I’m still off dairy for now because we are pretty sure she’s going to have a milk protein allergy like Jonah and Jean.

joz six weeks-6

Which speaking of, there are lots of things about her that are bear-like! First off Jonah and Jean, she has an outie belly button, the other two have innie. She also has a double cowlick like the two “bears” but hopefully not the lung issues (or the messiness, haha!)

She is eating about every 2-3 hours at day, and will occasionally go 4-5 hours at night. She pretty much only sleeps when she is in contact with someone else. Which is pretty characteristic of this age. She naps almost exclusively in a carrier, on mommy when daddy isn’t home and then on daddy when he is home! She sleeps pretty well in there all the time- despite the volume level in the house! Although it can be hard to get things done with her attached all the time!

joz six weeks-8

Jocelyn is a very happy little baby! She loves smiling at people and loves watching her bigger siblings, although still gets pretty overwhelmed with too much touching and loving from her siblings. She does enjoy sitting in the swing for 10 minutes or so at a time and just watching people.

We started off using prefolds and covers with Jocelyn right after she was born and I am surprised at how much we have loved them! They are the old style diapers that you fold and pin, then put a water proof cover over. We love them so much that we have moved the bigger two into prefolds and covers! 
joz six weeks-11

joz six weeks-10Jocelyn is already wearing 3 month clothes, and has a full head of dark hair. Her eyes are still the grey/blue that both the other girls had/have. Jocelyn hates the car and screams almost non-stop any time she is in it- which makes going any place somewhat difficult.

I have no doubt that her personality will be big enough to hold her own among her crazy wonderful siblings. 
joz six weeks-9

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