Twins | 3.5 years

I’m behind. Like nearly a month behind. So here’s a quick update on my sweet twinkies at 3.5 years.

First off- three can be summed up in one word, EMOTIONAL. That’s always the case with three. So many big feelings and emotions and so much learning to do to handle them. Although I would argue we are always like this- even as adults! But I digress…


twins 3.5-7

This child is so much like her mama. In the good ways and not so good ways! She has a great capacity to care for other people. She has recently developed a strong dislike of following instructions though. She likes the word “no.” Just testing her boundaries. She and Jarvis have been thick as thieves lately, so much alike, she just follows right along with him. At the end of her pre-k class, her teacher said that she always knew she could look at the class and be sure to see Joelle smiling big and bouncing. She also said that she often asked Joelle to be the first to try something new, as she was always brave and ready to try anything. She is rather fearless!

twins 3.5-9twins 3.5-12

Her preferred method of transportation is a running skip. She’s completely potty-trained and dresses/cares for herself- very independent. Joelle is still my most adventurous eater, but doesn’t eat as much volume-wise. She adores milk and daddy’s salsa. She is still bitty. Like crazy-tiny. She wears 3T, but only because Jean needed the 2T. There’s no way 3T pants will fit her in the fall! People never fail to think she and Jean are the twins when we go out. Their matching hairstyles don’t help that.

twins 3.5-13

My favorite thing about Joelle right now is this sweet little thumbs up she does. She sticks her thumb out so straight, sticks out her whole arm, and squint-winks one eye with a big old crooked smile. She wants you to do the same and touch your thumb to hers. I love it.

And now- in her words, her favorite-
color: pink
food: cheesy pasta
thing to do: dance a funny dance
book: a library book like Batman
song: Jesus Loves Me
toy: Jeanie’s leap computer
friend: Jarvis
show: Octonauts


twins 3.5-3

Oh bear. This sweet boy is one big ball of emotions. Jonah takes everything pretty hard, any correction or injury or perceived slight. But that’s because he so truly wants to connect, deeply with people. He’s this little independent kid- most often playing by himself, exploring or experimenting. Jonah’s brain is simply fascinating. He will work and work and work to figure out how something works. He is more likely to notice something different or new than the rest of us.

twins 3.5-5

This especially includes anything in nature. He loves all living things, but flowers have a special place in his heart. He is quickly learning the names of all sorts of plants and can readily identify them. Even surprising mama often when I have no clue what something is. He does however usually pick the flowers, which we still haven’t realized eventually kills them. But I often have a bedraggled bouquet from him sitting on the counter in a little jar of water.

twins 3.5-6

Jonah has begun to sound out simple words on his own and has shown a love of breaking down words and sentences. His brain really loves to work out puzzles. He is still the tallest at his age of all my kids, but a skinny little thing. He is still on goat dairy. He is now wearing mostly 4T clothes, mostly because his torso and legs are long, his waist is tiny. Jonah isn’t ready to potty train yet, so we aren’t pushing it. He will be ready when he is.

My favorite thing about Jonah is his habit of sticking his hands in his mouth when he is upset. I don’t actually like that he sticks his hands in his mouth, yuck, but the comfort seeking is sweet. I also love the way he puckers his little lips out for a kiss! All slobbery and all sweet!

And now- in his words, his favorite-
color: blue
food: bananas
thing to do: dance
book: Comet book from Grandma Pam
song: ABCs
toy: Jeanie’s leap computer
friend: Joelle
show: Octonauts

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