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Jocelyn is two weeks old! I can’t believe it, the time is flying by.

She is doing very well! At four days old she was treated for a posterior tongue tie and an upper lip tie, which has made a very big difference in nursing. She’s eating much better now, although we are doing twice weekly Cranio Sacral Therapy appointments to help her loosen her jaw and regulate her sucking. She is gaining weight though, which has NEVER happened before, so we are thrilled. Her last weigh in was just 2 oz shy of birth weight, 7lbs 8oz. I imagine by now she’s passed birth weight, which is the goal for two weeks!
joz 2 weeks-1
Like all newborns, she is eating frequently, usually about every 2 hours, although she does have a few three hour stretches. She loves to be held, particularly in the K’tan carrier by daddy, and she usually naps there. She’s still having trouble settling at night, like you would expect of a newborn, but she is starting to get into more of a “long nighttime sleeping” rhythm and settles back to sleep after nursing much better than the first week.  joz 2 weeks-2 She’s having little periods of content awake time now, although still not too often. Her siblings absolutely adore her and run to greet her any time they see her! She;s about to lose her umbilical cord stump. Can’t wait to see if she’s an innie or an outie (the bears are both outies, the buddies are both innies….) joz 2 weeks-3 Mama is healing, although we have had a few unexpected complications from the csection, but hopefully antibiotics will clear up the suspected uterine infection by the follow-up appointment next week. Overall, things are just about what you would expect with FIVE kids FIVE and under! Crazy, busy, some acting out, not a lot of sleep, and a whole lot of love!joz 2 weeks-6

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