Jean | 2 years

**This is over a month late- I have typed it out TWICE and lost it TWICE due to computer issues. Now I have a new (to me) computer and hopefully I won’t lose it this time!**

jean turns 2-10

Oh my goodness. The years just fly by. Sweet Jean, you turn two tomorrow. I can hardly believe it’s been two years since you rocked our lives. Oh how aptly we named you (which is partially why we are afraid to name your little sister!!). Jean Wilder. You are a crazy little storm of wild. Coming just 16 months after your twin siblings, you have spent the last 2 years, petal to the metal, trying to catch up. As far as you are concerned, you are a big kid, just like all of them. You do nothing halfway and live life with a full gusto. The best description I can come up with for you is a force of nature. You have such a dynamic mix of attributes of all your siblings, it’s just fascinating to see them in you.

You have a myriad of nicknames- The Bean, Beanie, Beanie Baby, Beaner, Sister-bear, The Mess, Mess-maker, Gremlin, Wilder, Medusa, the list goes on and on!

jean turns 2-11

You are a very empathetic kiddo- especially for being two. If you realize you have hurt someone, you always immediately respond with “I sorry!!” Our favorite example is when daddy was holding you after dinner one night while the rest of us finished at the table. For some unknown reason, you reached out and smacked his face. He froze and I couldn’t help but burst out laughing, which made the others laugh. You immediately started patting his face and saying, “I sorry, I sorry!” Then you looked at the rest of us and said, “Not funny, not funny!!” which made us laugh even harder. You knew it wasn’t a good choice to hit him and were so upset that the rest of us were laughing. I can’t wait to see how your empathetic little heart grows as you learn to control yourself with age. You love taking toys from the bigger ones so that they will chase you and play with you, but you also love giving them back so they will hug you.

jean turns 2-12

Food might be the highlight of your life. Everything else is just waiting until someone gives you food again. I don’t dare try to grab a bite or chew in front of you. If you even so much as suspect someone is chewing, you insist on seeing inside their mouths and say “I want bite! I want bite!” Food is a communal object and you are just as happy to share as to take. The bigger kids ask that you get a different snack cup so that we can easily tell when you have stolen their snack cups! Snack is your favorite, but you love all meals. Usually though, you would prefer to eat the food on someone else’s plate, even if it’s the same as the food on yours! You are a pretty good eater, although an epic mess-maker- hence the nickname! The food ends up up all around your hands, face, and hair. It’s why we went ahead and gave you bangs, to reduce the food mess in your hair! It’s helping!

jean turns 2-13

Hair is the quite the battle, although you have gotten better about it! You’ve given yourself a black eye trying to run away from the hair brush. But that’s been better with the bangs as there is less food mess in your hair!

Just a month ago I would have categorized you as fearless, but lately you have been a little more clingy. Whether it’s a phase or the impending little sister, you have insisted on someone holding your hand outside, especially in tall grass! You’ve always needed to come “check back in” every 30 minutes to an hour. Return to a safe adult for a little snuggle and then go back to what you are doing. It’s a sweet  check back in. I have to say that you prefer Daddy over Mommy most of the time, but that’s also probably related to the fact that he will hold you, something mama can’t do most of the time! And if he’s gone at night for work, and you wake up, it’s hard to convince you to let mama comfort you. I usually have to let you see that Daddy isn’t in his bed before you will let me hold you.

jean turns 2-14

You have this stubborn streak, which doesn’t surprise me since your siblings all do to! You really want things to go your way, and can go from from zero to sixty really fast. It’s best to try and discuss things with you ahead of time and make sure the directions and expectations are clear. It’s been easier for you to transition through this lately, you just really want to be heard.

I wouldn’t say you have a favorite sibling, it’s just whomever will play with you in the moment! You do tend to “disrupt” their games, so it’s dicey sometimes on whether they will play with you, but you just adore being with them. Generally you love naps and bed time and let us know as soon as you need a diaper change. You ask to go on the potty all the time, since your Joelle and Jarvis do- and Jonah occasionally, haha! Usually you ask AFTER the fact though. I bet you will be our earliest potty trainer, simply because you insist you are big like the others.

I can’t believe you are days away from being a big sister. In so many ways you are still the baby of the family- in fact you will have held the youngest child position the longest so far. I think you will adore the baby, but I am expecting some jealousy of course!  You love any baby you see, so I can’t wait to see you with your little sister. She’ll have to be tough for sure!

Welcome to two sweet Jeanie- you keep us on our toes and constantly learning and we love you for it!

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