Jarvis | 5.5 years

How does it happen. How do they grow up so fast? 
jarvis 5.5-1
This sweet boy is 5 and a half years old. He is his daddy. With my eyes tossed in. So here’s a quick little snippet to remember you, right now.

jarvis 5.5-2

Jarvis loves: cheesy pasta, peanut butter and jelly, any and all fruit, tickles, horse back rides, picking berries with daddy, legos, reading or being read to, letting out the chickens in the morning, doing school, getting Joelle up from nap, bossing people around, going to church, picking sorrell, picking false strawberries, organizing his siblings play, big (adult) forks and plates, his ladybug night light, climbing on any adult who will let him, tinker crates, bible study, playing alone in his room, his bunk bed, batman underwear, his babydoll- Lightening Girl McCown, his leap pad, swinging, exploring outside, library and new library books, race car game on the xbox, workboxes, helping daddy with any project, puzzles with mommy, feeding the puppy, letting the puppy outside, helping mama in the kitchen, math and science, learning, checking the mail, swimming, bowling, being loud (especially during nap) and so much more!

jarvis 5.5-3

Jarvis dislikes: anything slightly spicy or flavorful, the dark, biting his cheek, finger, or tongue while eating, chores, cleaning up toys, trying to read, transitions, and sauerkraut.jarvis 5.5-4

We just love the big boy you are becoming. It is so fun to watch you develop and learn and we truly enjoy having you around the house- what a blessing homeschooling is- that you get to be here with us, learning and growing and teaching us. 
jarvis 5.5-5

jarvis 5.5-8 jarvis 5.5-9

One thought on “Jarvis | 5.5 years

  1. This is probably my favorite picture set ever. I love/hate the story of his baby, he isn’t allowed to grow up.

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