181 / 365

Well, we didn’t have very good luck with our goose incubation, out of 16 eggs, we had one gosling hatch. It was likely a combination of the incubator situation, first season laid eggs and age of eggs. Our first chicken incubation wasn’t so hot either!

And because we only had one baby hatch out, she really imprinted on us and wanted to have nothing to do with the big geese. Not surprisingly, one of the ganders, Bill (aptly named because of his raised bill), really took to her and kept trying to get her to interact. But she would hide along the fence and flip out when they got anywhere near her. We finally finished gates that allowed us to put her with the big geese and away from the chickens (who were pecking at her), and she seemed to be doing well. They were even sticking close to her at night to offer some protection for her. But we discovered yesterday that she had been injured. It seems that perhaps the geese came near her, she flipped out, and likely was stepped on. We are devastated, as losing any animal is very sad, especially one injured.

But we will chalk it up to yet another learning experience on this mini-homestead. And still, these geese as so much fun, such silly creatures!


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