161 / 365

Spent some time out in the garden area taking pictures. We have a VERY informal garden this year with baby chickie due so soon, but we do have things coming in!

We have a couple of pear trees that are doing really well- bitty pears!outside-35 We have three types of apples growing!outside-39 Apple treeoutside-43 More applesoutside-44 Almond tree- the geese have chewed the bark on this tree and it’s suffering a little, but we are trying to save it!outside-51 One of the few seedling starts that Jace did this year were tomatoes, here they are growing in our “berms”outside-53 The biggest pear tree.outside-34 We had a large crop of black cherry tomatoes last year, so many that we stopped harvesting them at one point in time and let them fall to the ground. Those fallen tomatoes have popped up like crazy, all on their own! These tomato plants are over 2 feet tall!outside-55 Asparagus going strong, these are from when we lived in North Dakota!outside-56 We planted a long row of berry bushes two seasons ago. They appear to have cross pollinated, and these black raspberries are going CRAZY. We expect a large crop from them this year. outside-57 outside-58 outside-59

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