160 / 365

Just a normal evening out checking on the animals… we found a trapped dragonfly, and freed it!
outside-28this one has been extra needy lately, she’s probably sensing the impending approach of another one. But she insisted someone hold her hand out there the whole time. 
Feeding the geese and chickens their sprouted seed. 
“stuck, i stuck!”
Without any prompting, big brother came to the rescue!
outside-41 outside-45 Picking peas from the goose and chicken pen. They were sprouted leftovers from feeding the chickens and have grown like crazy all over the pen! The kids gobbled them up!outside-46 outside-49 outside-50 Trying to identify a weed…outside-54 Picking black raspberries from the front pen!outside-60Picking and eating wood sorrel with a chicken feather treasure!

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