105 / 365

twins that break together, stay together???

um no. But yes. somehow, we have our second broken bone in the span of a month. I.mean.really. Daddy had JUST boarded a plane for a week away when Joelle started screaming in agony while I was changing Jean’s diaper. Apparently she decided to get IN the cardboard box they had been using a slide all morning. And apparently biggest brother decided to jump on the box, at the exact right angle to land on her knee, which was cocked at a right angle to her leg. It was immediately clear to me that she needed to be seen.

I managed to get ahold of the sitter coming that evening to watch them for my MOPS meeting and he came early while Joelle and I made our monthly trip to the ER. She has a clean, straight-across break of the tibia, right below her knee. It wasn’t displaced, thank goodness. She was splinted and sent home. Her pain level decreased dramatically once it was stabilized in the splint.

And then I quite ironically made her appointment with the orthopedic surgeon for the same time as Jonah had his to remove his cast. Mhm. Twins that break together.

casts-1I spent a few days carrying her everywhere for every little thing- which was exhausting for this preggo. Crazy exhausting, especially with daddy gone. But at the orthopedic surgeon appointment, she got her *pink* cast and we were informed she can weight bear on her leg!! This is FANTASTIC news, as it means she can crawl, walk holding someone’s hand, and stand up on her own! She’s pretty thrilled, although rather off balance and unsure still. We are working on finding a walker for her. This mama has also lined up an awesome pre-teen helper for the next month, to be Joelle’s little buddy. Which should make life a whole lot easier, and make sure baby chickie stays inside cooking for longer!
casts-3No picture of their actual casts together, as they cut Jonah’s off right before they put hers on- but here she is sporting her splint and Jonah with his *filthy* cast!

Oh children. NO MORE ER TRIPS. Seriously. Also. No more trips for daddy (I wish!).

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