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I have a giant post I have been working on for homeschooling, what we have learned from the first year… but I just wanted to share this now.

We have been reading through the Little House on the Prairie series now for pleasure reading with Jarvis, but we also started a book in our school time to practice story retention and comprehension. He thoroughly enjoyed the story and we finished it up this week. I decided to do a paper bag book report to wrap up the book for us.

I was honestly shocked at how much he remembered, and in how much detail!! There was one black and white picture in each of the 21 chapters, and he used those to aid his retelling. I wrote down his words and didn’t prompt at all!

The front of the paper bag includes his handwritten title (and yes, trumpet is missing a P, I was tending to a nap-striking baby and didn’t notice the mistake at first), and then his word-for-word dictated retelling.

trumpet of the swan-1He included a picture of things he thought was important to the story. Top to bottom, Left to right: money bag, red chalk pencil, trumpet, swan, log, black chalkboard, and yellow life-saving medal. 
trumpet of the swan-2
Inside he selected five objects that reminded him of important parts to the story. He shared these with daddy when he got home, as part of his book report. Drawing of a swan (by mommy), chalkboard, life-saving medal (represented by the candle), a piece of chalk, a taxi (represented by the tegu block car), and a money bag with coins (represented by the snack bag with blocks inside.

trumpet of the swan-3He had so much fun wrapping up the book and excitedly asked what we were going to read next!!

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