95 / 365

Joelle is transitioning to drop her nap (a FULL YEAR before Jarvis did!!! Let’s all take a moment of silence to grieve the continued loss of sweet, sweet nap time. sigh. Having a new baby is much harder when you can’t nap.).

So she only falls asleep maybe twice a week. We put her down for “nap” in the guest room, and usually she doesn’t fall asleep and is just singing to herself or her animals. If she isn’t asleep within an hour, I give her a basket of toys/books and let her play quietly by herself for the rest of nap time (Jonah and Jean still nap 2.5-3 hours). If she does fall asleep, I only let her nap for an hour or she won’t sleep at night. I wake her and give her the toys and books.

However, usually Jarvis and I are done with school by the time I wake/get her up, so if the weather is nice, I let her come out of the room and go play outside with him until it’s time to get the other two up. They really love this time together, just the two of them. Two little peas in a pod. She does everything she can to keep up with him…


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