75 / 365

A few nights ago, Jonah was hanging on the side of the couch and fell back and hit his arm on a little wooden kids chair. He was pretty upset that night, but was moving it and using it fine, so we figured he had bruised it. He was up a ton that night, just fussing for no reason. The next morning he said it hurt a little and complained when pressure was put on his wrist. But he still said it hurt only little. However we decided a quick xray was necessary, and sure enough, he had a torus or buckle fracture in both the ulna and radius, close to his wrist. They splinted him over the weekend, and then an orthopedic surgeon opted to cast it for a month. Luckily, he’s not really in pain and doesn’t mind the cast much.

Although it’s not our first broken bone (remember Jean’s fractured skull?), it is our first cast- however, they now make them waterproof, which is wonderful!  
play kitchen-7

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