56 / 365

this is real. this is what I want to remember. cleaning up the snack cups and turning free play into school time. reading a library book about deserts while the littles scramble for spots. stopping to pages in to deal with a poopy diaper and then halfway through to rush one to the bathroom in her new underwear. coming back to a Jean jumping on the book while Jarvis stands on his head on the couch. trying to finish the last chapter with a chorus of “I’m hungry”ies, and then leaving it behind for the biggest to pour over with an assignment for nap time, while I start lunch cooking. this is real.

this is life with 4 and 1/2 children, 5 years and under. it’s hard to even imagine life with another little mouth to feed, tush to change, and a whole other set of needs. but look at them. so big. so smart. so creative. so interesting. each so unique. so ready for love and knowledge. and I can’t help but wonder who the next will be, who will she look like. what will she like. what will she add to this crazy little bunch.

365-10 365-11

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