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For some reason, I always feel the need to add a belly picture of the twins right before they were born on their birthday posts. Perhaps to remind myself of how 5lb 9oz and 6lb 11oz of baby felt, ha!

37 weeks-1 birthday-79 twins-12

Oh my twinks. How you have grown! I just love watching you two grow up right alongside each other. Such opposites, and yet, such twinkies.


Jonah, you are still our big bear- although a skinny little bear! I still think you will be our tallest child, and I still think your sweet round face looks just like my dad’s! You defiantly have his smirk! You have this soft, stick straight dark hair, perhaps the darkest. Unlike the others who have a lot more texture to their hair, yours is always silky smooth on it’s self. But that doesn’t mean it lays down, haha!!! You have this crazy double, almost triple cowlick in the back that always results in hair having to lays crosswise across itself and stick straight up. Honestly, it makes me smile everytime I look at it. I just love your hair in this long, shaggy bob, it suits you somehow. You are in all 3T clothes, and seem to have the longest legs! Eating wise, we call you the hare.  Guaranteed Jonah will be done before anyone else!! Sometimes, you will take two bites and not eat a thing the rest of the day, happily playing. Other times, you clear your plate before I can blink and move on to the next activity! You are the most inconsistent about volume of food, but always the fastest! You have the sweetest little voice that is so unique! Daddy loves to ask you to say silly things like “scoop the goop.”

black and white-7

Joelle, or my little relle-phant. You such a bitty thing- although heaven forbid someone tell you that you are little- it will be met with a resounding- “No! I’m a big girl!” No amount of explanation will serve to tell you that you have a big girl heart and personality in a teeny little body. Your hair is finally starting to grow back in after Jarvis chopped it all off for you, although you are still sporting the bangs I love so much. You pretty much want to wear it down all the time now, no baby pigtails for you! We moved you up to 3T, but only because Jeanie needed the 2T for her giant belly! They are all way too long on your little legs, but lately you have been into dressing up. Picking out princess skirts and twirling. It’s so different having a little girl with two brothers close by- it seems you tend to lean towards the more “boy-like” things- probably simply from exposure! Although you are plenty girly in lots of ways. I do love though, that your little limbs are still holding onto a little bit of that baby chub, the roundness of a little one. Jonah is such a skinny-mini, and it’s such a funny contrast to see the difference in your hands, feet, legs, and arms. You will literally try everything and are my bravest eater. You eat at the pace of a turtle, and don’t eat as much volume as the other three, but you do eat more variety!

black and white-8

Emotionally, this two-year old year has been quite the change! Jonah, you had a rather rough summer- with a lot of getting into absolutely everything. But there has been some maturity over the last few months, and it seems for the most part you are better at managing your “trouble radar.” But for both of you, anything not going your way can be pretty upsetting. Joelle, you have a terrific scream that is both shrill and raw. Jonah, you can sob like no other, and have the strongest little pinching hands. But I have noticed, in the past month, that you both are developing the capability to calm yourself down, and a little quicker than before, at least some of the time! You both love to run crying off to your room, especially if you aren’t happy with something mama or daddy said, but you both are able to come out calm when you are ready now. This is such a huge improvement, and just another sign of your ever-growing minds and heart.

black and white-6

In addition to calming yourselves down better, you both have become more cognizant of when others are upset and are more willing to offer help and comfort. It doesn’t always happen, and often you might have been the reason that person is upset, but more and more I see little glimpses of the compassion I pray for you as adults. black and white-10

It’s fairly easy to say that your favorite person, Joelle, is Jarvis. You absolutely idolize him. However, you play so well with both your other siblings as well! You love that Jean is your only sister and you are her only sister. I can already see the sister bond forming. You are like a little mama with her. And of course, your twin, he has a special place in your heart. You are most likely to fight with him, but also most likely to cause trouble with him! What it must be like to be with someone nearly all the time, every day, day in and day out. The twin relationship is so different, and so fascinating to watch. Mentally, it can take you a bit more time to catch onto a subject or idea, you make up for any of that with a desire to please! You try your absolute hardest and are rather observant.

black and white-24

Jonah, your favorite person is probably yourself, haha! But no really, as much as you love your siblings, you march to your own beat. Often time it ends up being you against the others in some imaginary game- but to your delight!  I love how much you love being different. With your own little games and ideas, I can see your brain turning. Yet, you still seek out your siblings and depending on the moods are often playing with Joelle- although Jean tends to want to do whatever you are doing (since your brains are so alike!) and that usually ends with some disagreement. Personally, I think you and Jarvis just love pestering one another, and you both will seek out chances to get the other one’s goat!! Although you do happily play along side each other if the activity is right- especially reading! Jonah, I can never believe what you remember and retain. Knowledge and learning are definitely a strong point for you. And something you absolutely love. I see a direct impact on your behavior with how much you have been challenged mentally lately. Something is always brewing up there. black and white-11

And I want to end with a few of your favorites!


  • your baby doll
  • snuggles and tickles
  • horsey rides
  • broccoli and green beans
  • anything with peanut butter
  • going on the potty (you are about 50% potty trained- we haven’t pushed it!)
  • books
  • napping in the big bed (guest bedroom)
  • coloring neatly
  • playdough
  • song: “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”



  • letters, all types, magnetic, printed, any letters or numbers!
  • cheesy pasta and ketchup
  • goats milk
  • cheeeese
  • raisins and pretzels
  • books
  • your leap pad
  • your blanket and animals (currently your whale- though your puppy was first place for most of the last year)
  • playdough
  • finding things on the counter
  • coloring on walls
  • the camera- you come running as soon as I grab it
  • red diapers (we haven’t figured this one out)
  • your little peg Jonah from aunt & uncle
  • the color “paddles” you got for Christmas and changing the color of things through them.
  • song: “Agency D3” previously, “How Much is That Puppy In the Window”black and white-26

One thought on “twins | three

  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to write all this down and post the pictures. Being so far away and months between visits, makes my grandma heart sad. But these posts make me feel like I am there.

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