Jarvis | five

What is it about five that makes my little boy seem so big??

This is late. Nearly a month late, but ah, oh well. At least I got it done before the twins birthday!

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Buddy boy,

I was in total denial that you were big enough to turn five. In so many ways it seems like just yesterday that I brought that tiny baby with big bird-like eyes home in the coldest weather I’ve ever experienced. It seems like just yesterday that we stumbled through the first six months, trying to figure out feeding and sleeping and everything that being a parent was. It seems just like yesterday that you would stare into our eyes and “talk” for 30 minutes straight.

But then other days, I glance at those long legs sticking out on the couch, or I overhear you teaching your siblings, and I realized I blinked. How did it happen so fast? How are you so different and yet so the same?

You are a little man now. It’s easy to see glimpses of who you might become, who you might be. You have great capacity for emotion, sweet boy. And no fear of sharing those emotions. Everything is big. From your sweet smiles and snuggles, to your anger and stubbornness.

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You adore your daddy, and your sisters in particular. You have a special spot for your brother, but you two are also really good at getting on each other’s nerves. You can be so very helpful, when you are in the right mood. You love doing your chores (most of the time), and are the primary care-taker of the dog during the day. You can unload the dishwasher on your own, and can get snack for all your siblings. I can’t wait for the day when you can make a simple meal! I have a feeling it won’t be far away.

With your helpfulness comes an age-appropriate swing of emotions. The world can turn upside down on your pretty quickly and it is a constant learning process to accept that you can be upset and angry and can express that is appropriate ways, but that you don’t get to throw fits and hurt others. But then, as we have traveled this road more with you, as you develop more and more ability to control yourself, it’s become clear to us that this learning process never stops, as even we are adults face the same challenges. And with this process comes a lot of grace, a chance for us to give you a tiny taste of the Grace your Heavenly Father bestows on us.

This is also the age of growing independence. And with that comes a fine line or allowing you to make choices and deal with consequences. You understand more and more everyday, and are learning to take responsibility. Just more evidence of the maturing of your character. There’s still so  many areas to work on, but so many of these are also because mama and daddy are learning right along you. Thanks for putting up with us, precious boy, and always being willing to extend some grace.

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Some things you love:

  • preschool with Mrs. Katie- she has the best set ups with all sorts of new things to explore!
  • legos! Lately you have really gotten into creating your own buildings and people and stories and will spend an hour in your room talking to yourself!
  • you leap pad! there are some really awesome educational games we have been able to get lately, and you are learning so much. We have to limit your time on it, as you would play all day if we let you, but it’s great for those times during nap when we are done with school, I need to get something done, and you need a quiet activity for a few minutes!
  • books. all books, any books. alone, looking through pictures for hours, or if someone will read to you, that’s even better.
  • Joelle- like I said, she’s your best friend, hands down, and your willing partner in crime.
  • daddy. You love mama, but boy are you a daddy’s boy. He’s your favorite, especially when he will give you horsey rides on his shoulders or fly you like an airplane on his shins, or tickle you til you ask him to stop.
  • playing outside. Despite the very cold weather lately, you still love to be outside and go at for a while every couple of days. I know you can’t wait for spring!
  • imaginative games- I love when you embark on one of these and the twinkies play along. Yesterday you all were puppies and owners and mommies and daddies. You had beds and food bowls and nap times and all. So fun to see the things you learn played out.
  • learning. I have a big post brewing on homeschool- the first year is such a learning experince! But overall buddy boy, you just love to learn. You love new information and are always asking questions. Your little brains longs for connections and concepts. It’s so much fun to be around!

I asked daddy for a few words to describe you when I was drafting this, and I wanted to share what he wrote, since so often this blog is just my words, ” he’s so big, so helpful, but so moody. He’s a leader, and hard headed, with a sweet heart.”

So happy fifth birthday, my biggest boy. May you never lose the exuberance that fills you up. You are such a joyful part of our days, and we just love having you in our family- even when you don’t listen!

love, mama

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