17 / 365

15 weeks, 3 days with baby Chickie. seventh pregnancy = early bump showing


A quick update on Chickie- baby’s heartbeat sounds good, and he/she looked great on the quick ultrasound last month. We are due July 9th, and are not going to be able to attempt a VBA2C, we will have to schedule a csection, despite support from my midwives, the doctors are not on board.

Most of the worst of the first trimester symptoms are going away, and things seems to be progressing on track. I have severe pelvic girdle pain (low hip/back/leg pain) on my right side, which is just due to stretching of the pelvic girdle muscles. It makes it difficult to stand or walk for much time. And sitting for long periods becomes painful as well. I am using some modifications and will be seeing a physical therapist and chiropractor.

But the biggest concern right now were some abnormal numbers on my TSH levels which indicate hyperthyroidism, which can cause some major concerns in pregnancy if not treated properly. I will be seeing an endocrinologist next week to address this.

We have an in depth ultrasound scheduled in a month with the Specialist to do a full anatomy scan and check for issues related to the TSH levels.

And on a last fun note, I have felt some little movement from baby Chickie, which is always exciting!

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