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We are so, so, so excited to announce that we have another little one on the way! We are calling this little life, baby chickie. We are still early, but we choose to share early, because we will share no matter whether we have just a few short weeks with this baby or a whole lifetime ahead. Each life is precious and warrants celebration from the very beginning.

The kids are thrilled, Jarvis had actually been asking for a while when we were going to have another baby! So far, the consensus among the kids is that it’s a girl, but mama thinks it’s a boy. Mama is also pretty sure it’s only one, although we will have that confirmed at our first ultrasound. Doesn’t feel like twins to me!

We due early July 2015, and can’t wait to see how this little one might fit into our family!

And since I know we will get a gamut of reactions, and already have, the biggest question I get is “why have more kids when you are already exhausted and somewhat overwhelmed?”

For us, it comes down to how we view children. This is our greatest work. People sacrifice in unbelievable ways for jobs that they personally value, why isn’t parenthood the same? My exhaustion is nothing compared to the daily blessings. But, this woman says it better than I ever could: Why Have More Kids?

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