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I’ve had three friends lately ask me about book recommendations for homeschooling, so I thought I would share a quick post with a few of my favorites. Now these aren’t textbooks or workbooks; they are resource books to learn more about homeschooling approaches and thoughts and such.

First up, if you have ever considered homeschooling but aren’t sure if it’s right for you. Or even if you are homeschooling and know it’s right for your family, but have trouble defending your choice to nosy family or friends- READ THIS. Don’t Do Drugs Stay Out Of School. It’s an incredible, fairly easy read that really delves into the creation of our current schooling system, it’s goals, strengths and weakness, and compares the actual needs to children to what homeschooling and traditional schooling can provide. Personally, I think even if you don’t WANT to homeschool you should read this. It will change how you consider mainstream education.



The next one I love gives a really good, solid Christian foundation for your approach to homeschooling. Educating the Wholehearted Child. I’ve mentioned I love anything the Clarkson’s write, and this doesn’t disappoint. I came away from it with a focused, yet open view on how to approach homeschooling. I felt more prepared and gathered. It’s a wonderful overall view on the goals and purposes of homeschooling our children with God as the guiding line.

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This book, The Homeschooling Handbook was another resource that I have used. It is not from a Christian perspective, and it provides a wider view on homeschooling. I particularity found the chapters that discussed the different types of state requirements and approaches to be helpful. It’s a good resource, but fairly long, it’s a good skimming book.

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The next book is actually a series: What Your Kindergartner Needs To Know. And they have one for each grade level. I’ve taught kindergarten, and yet, I still felt concerned that might leave out something, or miss some vital part of information this year. (Although really, with homeschooling, you don’t miss information, you can teach it as you need it, which is what is nice!) But still, I was hoping to find a good general guideline over the breadth and depth of topics we might want to cover in a year. This book is an awesome resource for that. It has a chapter for each subject, and they are written in a way that lends them very nicely to being read-alouds. Besides helping me create a scope and sequence for the year, it also gives me a great jumping-off point to introduce information! This is one of our favorites, and Jarvis loves reading out of this! (Note, there is a revised version- I have the older version and love it, but I’m sure the newer one is just fine!)

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I will share more as I run across them!


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