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Oh my. I’m behind. There are a thousand excuses (hubby came home, attended a friend’s surprise 10th anniversary bash with too much beer, killer headache, blah, blah, blah).

But I’m going to play some catch up, and that means pushing the next couple of Seven review posts back just a few days. Those things take a lot of brain power to write and I need a bit of a break.

So today- here are a few things that I have been loving lately.

1: This egg basket. Because it’s just that much more fun to collect eggs in a darling vintage-like basket. I mean really. It’s much better than the “pretend my shirt is a bucket and wish I was still wearing my apron” look.

1688958_1486935714888972_520471908_n 10684106_913855788642436_814249842_n

2: Homeschooling books. I have many, but lately, this is one that I just adore (actually, I love everything written by Sally Clarkson). But seriously, if you want to know what books are good for the heart and all ages, check this one out. Plus it’s filled with little tid-bits of how her parents turned her and her siblings into voracious readers. Which is obviously near and dear to my heart. Worth the in depth read. On a related note- online request to put books on hold at the library might be the coolest thing I just learned about. How did I not know this??? I mean I worked in a library for three years for goodness sakes! Popping in and finding all the books I want for that week’s lessons already gathered and waiting by the checkout desk- lifesaver. Librarians rule.

download (1)

3: Hide ‘Em in Your Heart series. I don’t know about you, but kid’s music is not always my favorite. And I had some trouble finding good Christian music to listen to in the car. I can only listen to the VBS songs so many times, and the LeapFrog songs are catchy, but oh, I needed something else. What we fill our minds with is what we fill our hearts with, and I wanted to be able to teach my kiddos songs that would hide the word in their heart. Enter this awesome series. We have two of the disks, the rest are going on the Christmas gift list. Every song is actually scripture, accurate, catchy, and has a little explanation of the meaning of the scripture with it. These songs have sparked some good conversations about God’s word and how it relates to them, and it’s allowed us to reference scripture that they can remember when dealing with a heart issue. The surprising part for me was how much these songs would settle in my own heart! I find myself humming one right when I need it. I highly recommend these. (Once again, these were referenced in the back of Sally’s husband Clay Clarkson’s family devotional book.)


4: Siblings Without Rivalry. I have a book problem. It’s out of control. But this one, it’s incredible. If you have more than one child, or a sibling of your own, READ THIS. It’s incredible. Just believe me.

download (2)

5. From Scratch. As I’ve mentioned before, we cook as much locally sourced ethically raised products as we can. And a lot of that means re-learning some age old practices of cooking that have been out-sourced due to convenience. Back when I began my search for a consistent, soaked whole wheat bread, I ran across this website The Elliot Homestead. Shaye has since then become a bit of a “homesteading crush” for me. She’s awesome. And her bread recipe is the one I make weekly. She put out a cook book a little while ago, and I LOVE IT. To pieces. No literally, it’s stained and falling apart in the middle because I use it so much. At least 2/3rds of our go-to monthly meals are from that cookbook. Go buy it. Also, she’s making a new one, which has me spinning in circles for joy. Now if I could just figure out a way to meet her…

download (3)

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