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We got locked out of the house yesterday. First time since I had kids. I locked myself out of our house at Fort Rucker when I took the dog out in the back. Back then, I just had to call housing and wait in my pjs until they arrived. Embarrassing, but quick.

Yesterday, the kids and I went out front to set up a broody cage for one of the hens, and the dog was so angry we went without him, he kept jumping at the door and managed to drop the deadbolt down. I mean really.

I had managed to wrangle all the kids back into the front yard, but the door didn’t open. I shook the handle back and forth and then looked down at the kids in shock. My first thought was, which one of locked the door?? Splendid.

At least all the kids were locked out with me. I can only imagine the trouble they could get into without me!! We played in the back until our renters came home and then got in through their basement access, avoiding the locksmith charge, thank goodness. A little adventure for the kids I guess. They didn’t mind much because they got to play outside, but they were “soo hungry.” Everyone was glad to sit down to dinner.


At first, I was super frustrated. We were all hungry, it was humid and the kids were thirsty. Plus it’s rained for DAYS and the back is still muddy, so all I could see was more work getting them clean.

There’s this whole “deployment rule,” that everything that can go wrong, will, while he’s gone. Hubs isn’t deployed, and it’s really not that long. But oh how this has applied in the last couple of weeks.


Colds, attitudes, limit testing, sitter-dislike, crayons on the walls, upset tummies, tons of night waking, teething, picky eaters, a ton of poop (literally), screaming car rides, parking lot running, tantrum throwing, and so much more.

When I think about it. It’s actually not that different than the norm. But something about not having your best friend around, even if it is just for the early morning/evening time, it makes that all feel a little less endless. Not having a weekend where we tackle projects together. Not having someone else to say, “please sit down at the table” a hundred times in a meal. Not having someone wake up with the kids (Because I will be totally honest and say that I sleep with ear plugs. That amazing man I call my husband wakes up with the kids 99% of the time during the night. Yeah I know. I’ve got an awesome one. It might be because he just loves snuggling babies so much, #babyfeverforlife). Not having someone else lock the chickens in after dark. Or take care of their fodder system and water.

But really, as much as I miss my dishwasher/chicken tender/night duty husband. It’s not so much the physical help I miss. I think it comes down to attitude.

Telling myself I can’t do it, just means I can’t do it. It means all I think about it how I just want to lay down and sleep.

Telling myself I can do it, with Christ, I can do it.

So as we hit was is hopefully the halfway mark (or maybe more?? pray for no broken aircraft!!), I’m focusing on my attitude, and how it affects theirs.

“Feelings are just indicators, not dictators. They can tell you where your heart is in the moment, but that doesn’t mean they have the right to dictate your behavior. You are able to control them.” Unglued

Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men, knowing that from the Lord you will receive the inheritance as your reward. You are serving the Lord Christ.” Colossians 3:23-24

Lord, let this work be for You. And let every moment of this everyday ordinary infuse my life and my children’s lives with a knowledge of Your spectacular, life-changing love. Let me be Your arms to them. Let me shine You to them.


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