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So one of the ladies from my group photography project shared of a writing project she’s participating in for October. 31 days of writing.

Initially, I cringed, thinking there was no way I could post everyday for a month. What would I say? Who would read it? Do I have the time? I barely have time to respond to emails. I pick up my camera maybe once a week. I spend all my time taking care of the little rascals that fill my house. When I blog, I spend time thinking about, reflecting on my posts, analyzing what they say and what I want them to say.

But the blogs I love, the follow more of a stream of thought approach. Words on a page. Feelings. Reflections without guarding, without pretense.

I want a voice. A personality.

But this blog is public. Many of the things I post about would be harder to share in person. Many of the people who read this don’t have the depth of relationship with me, or the opportunity to have it, that might lead to real conversations. Honest conversations.

And yet. Being transparent is freeing.

My identity is wrapped up in mothering. In homemaking. At least for now. Perhaps forever? I’ll never stop being a mother.

So that’s what this will be. A conversation.

A conversation of what my daily is. Of my attempts to find joy and contentment in the mundane.

Some posts might be deep. Thoughtful.

And some will just be details, happenings.

I just want to write. To let it flow.

So here goes.

Thirty one days of writing. Thirty one days of thoughts. Thirty one days of me.

Want to join the conversation? Go here.

Got here through a linky? Check out the #write31days link on the right hand column to read all the posts from this month.

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