twins | 2.5 years

Well, the twins hit the halfway point in the two-year-old year and I figured it was time for an update!

First up, the elder twin- Joelle. Oh my two has been fun with this child. We have definitely hit the emotional transition that girls seem to hit at 2/3 years, and with it is some quality draaaama. But she’s really hot or cold, when the drama is done, she’s absolutely sweet and loving. She loves giving kisses and snuggles, and she is the easiest to deal with at night if she wakes up crying, just offer her a kiss and she’s right back to sleep! She went through a phase a few months ago where she really fought bedtime, but she’s passed that onto Jonah now, haha!

Joelle loves saying, “I did it!” whenever she does something herself! She’s very independent and loves doing things her self. She loves all types of drinks and carries them around with her. She is possibly the slowest eater in the WORLD. However she is also the most consistent eater. She will try just about anything and loves to eat. She’s the tortoise eater. Joelle really wants positive attention, she wants to please you. She loves to hold hands and hug. She will say, without prompting- “I love you so much.” As a result, any sort of discipline makes her very upset. She’s a sensitive soul. Recently, she’s started mimicking her big brother (who happens to be in a pestering stage), and she has become more aggressive with picking on people, especially Jean. But heaven help us if someone picks on her! Full on hysterics.

Joelle can count to 10, and can sing most of the ABC song. Her letter and color recognition isn’t complete yet. Her favorite song is itsy-bitsy spider, and her favorite show is bo on the go. Joelle loves her little leap pad- her favorite game is building a cake on the Tinkerbell story. She is Jarvis’ little follower and loves tagging along and playing along with his games. Her favorite color is “paaank” (pink.)
Joelle loves cleaning, adores her cloth tissues, could spend hours on the trampoline, and swings very well (but fusses the whole time to be pushed higher!). She is still hesitant in water- mostly because she doesn’t like her face getting splashed. Joelle is very physical and can climb just about anything. She has no fear when it comes to new things. She definitely has some perfectionist tendencies- she’s very precise.

She also let her biggest brother “cut” huge chunks of her hair off one afternoon- so she is now sporting a rather short bob with some really short bangs!
Next up is Jonah bear. Oh my, this child is simply a hoot. Jonah has a slightly different personality than the others. He’s more introspective and likes to play alone more often. He’s also a bit needier about positive and physical affection. Jonah is a lot more intrinsically motivated than the others- which can be good and bad. It’s very difficult to get him to do what you are asking, but he’s also very determined if it’s something he is interested in. FOr example, he will clean very well if he wants something in particular (like to trade out a toy), but NOTHING will motivate him to clean if he’s playing!

Jonah has a TON of words and speaks in complex sentences. He will come up and say, “I need di-per change.” Jonah can count to 20, knows his abcs in correct order, knows all his letter shapes, some of his number shapes, and 20/26 of the letter sounds. He knows most of his colors and shapes. His pronunciations of words is one of my favorite character traits- some funny ones are twing-whewl for triangle, itchywada for enchilada, frozen boobies for frozen blueberries.
Jonah is the hare eater. He eats super fast and at least half his food ends up on the ground. Recently he has come into a toddler phase where his growth stops and he is eating hardly anything. His favorite foods are pasta, berries, and porridge.

Jonah is very focused and really wants to figure out how things work. He is able to open all doors now- which is problematic, but actually his “trouble-bear-ness” has been lower lately. He still gets into things he shouldn’t, but he is now focusing more in other learning opportunities. We’ve started a reading program with him after lots of readiness signs, and I’ve seen that the more opportunity he has to use his brain in positive ways, the less trouble he causes.
Jonah loves playing in the dirt and mud and water and will spend hours doing that. He is tentative on trampoline and about climbing/sliding. His favorite songs are the ABC song and the Puppy song (how much is that puppy in the window). His favorite show is super why- because it’s a spelling show. Some of my favorite Jonah-isms are “chickies awwww, so cute” and “warm eggs” when we collect eggs from the chickens.

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