potty training | twins

So, a couple of weeks ago, the twins showed a very big interest in potty training, so we bit the bullet and jumped in.

potty training-1

Jarvis was very difficult to potty training, he was very easily distracted and didn’t want to stop playing to waste time at the bathroom! It took a while, but he did it eventually, and is now completely trained, even at night. But I had decided to wait until the twins turned 3 to start potty training, because I didn’t think it was worth the battle to try and start earlier. And basically, I was dreading it with every bone in my body. Potty training has to be my least favorite parental activity, and with two of them? Oooo. I was worried.

They each have their own “potties” and  we have had mixed success. We started with the usual treat every time they went potty, and it did work. Initially, Jonah was all about the potty; he did better the first week. However, he goes potty every 30 minutes, and a small amount of it, which is a little frustrating. He also has little interest in putting underwear back on, which makes things harder. Joelle took a week to clue into the physical signs that she needed to potty, but once she did, she has been golden ever since. She’s going on three days of no accidents! Jonah still has 2-3 accidents a day right now, especially with poop, and mostly when he is distracted, just like big brother. I imagine it will take them a while to get to 100% but I am changing less diapers!

We still use cloth pull-ups when we go out, as there are four of them to one of me, but we did manage a three hour play date with no accidents! They still wear diapers to nap and bed, as that will take a physical ability that is probably a ways off still.

Honestly, while I’m glad to be changing fewer diapers, having two kiddos who can’t use the bathroom by themselves is still a ton of work! We can’t keep the potties on the ground, because some little sister is fascinated with them and plays in them. The twins are mostly good at pulling up/down clothes to go potty, but as I mentioned, Jonah requires a lot of follow up to make sure he gets his clothes back on. However I have to make sure the potties are taking care of immediately, or we end up with a big mess. We have moved to getting stars on their potty charts, and every 10 stars they get treat.

And here’s the sweet girl who makes it all a little more difficult, haha!

potty training-2


Overall, all though the constant needs of potty training is frustrating right now, I do realize it will eventually get easier as they can handle it more themselves! It’s a step in the right direction! Plus, my diaper bag is lighter now and I’m folding less laundry! I’ll take it! And boy are these kiddos getting big!

One thought on “potty training | twins

  1. Have you seem the toilet seats with a built in toddler size seat? There’s the adult seat, then a toddler seat you can flip down, then the lid. It with a dtep stool might be helpful since you can’t leave the kid potties on the ground. I just started potty training my 2.5 yr old. It’s been a pretty good first day. Best of luck to you!

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